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Ukulele Tuning Keys.


I have an old Gretsch Uke— I really don’t play Ukelele but every once in a while I break it out. It’s frustrating because I can’t keep it in tune....Any Tips or Ideas on how to make those old Tuning pegs “grab”? Thanks in advance


Here’s the “UIQ”, Ukelele in Question


Tighten down the screws hard. But too hard can break the plastic. Would be soooo cool to have a Gretsch uke.


Ukulele is Hawaiian for "will not tune".


I installed some old guitar tuners on one, Stays in tune now.


Ukulele is Hawaiian for "will not tune".

– Mr Tubs

No one can really tell if it's not in tune.

Could you use banjo tuners?


I guess I could change the tuners, I really prefer it as OEM as possible. I thought someone would pipe up and say something like "Talcum powder" or some such other remedy that I'd never heard of. There's got to be an old school fix of some sort.

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