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TV Jones Tube Kit For Wiring Hollowbodies


Any of you use this? I do my own electronic work these days and I have a hollowbody of generic make that I would like to do some work on. I changed the neck pickup (P90 type) myself and had to unsolder and solder the wires to the volume pot and I used nylon string (not guitar string). I had to improvise but I finally got it soldered and back in but on the video of TV Jones it looks like that tube system is a good way to go.

Thing is that Tom is a professional so anything can be made to look easy but wondering if any of you used it and had success because I am considering buying the set but would like to hear from you first.




I use these kits. It does make it easy, and i’m no DIY pro. I’m usually lucky to not glue my head to the table.


Bob thanks for the info on this. By the way, stay away from hot glue guns.


I also am not a guitar tech pro and used this system when changing pups. I found it helpful and pretty easy to use.


I use this...got it from TV Jones...it is a must have...a lifesaver.


Local hardware store , clear plastic tubing or varying sizes and or use string both cheap like borsch


That's what I use, but I just buy it by the foot at Home Depot.


Like Taxophilite and Billy Zoom, I used tubing purchased by the foot from local home improvement store (think I got from Lowes). For the jack, I used a length of wood dowel (I think it was 5/16") that I carved/ shaped/ sanded (whatever..) the end down some to fit into the 1/4' jack. It does help.. no doubt! I see the kit is only $7.00 from TV... Certainly if you are buying other stuff from him, would be convenient to just order that as well.


I use tubing and a sharpened dowel from the hardware store.


The dowel is a great help. I have the tubing kit from TV but can't get the tubing over the pot shafts, so I use string and tape. It works just fine and it a bit more manoeuvrable. And manoeuvrable is one helluva word to spell!


I have no problem getting TVJ's tube over the pot shafts.. there are TWO tubes: a skinnier one for the switches, and a fatter one for the pots..?

I used to use string, the tubes are FAR superior, imo. Yes, you could source the materials yourself and save a little money, or you could save yourself the time, order TVJs kit, go to work for the week, and it arrives at your door. I'm a DIY guy (I'm in Home Depot/Lowes ALL the time), and I chose the latter. Worth every penny!


Got a new P90 off eBay. Came in yesterday, Had to wire to Vol pot. Used tubes from Home Depot. Man that made life so easy. Love it. Thank God. when I rewire the whole thing it will make life more pleasant over using just string. Thank you guys for the input on this.


I've got TV's tubing kit and find it very useful. I noticed this particularly when I was helping a friend with his archtop and I forgot to bring the kit. There are definitely other ways to do it, but the kit makes it easy, and I'm glad I got it.


Tom turned me onto using tubing about 18 years ago. He's always about practicality and making shit easy to install! to me it'd be worth the $7.00 bucks! Tom's one of the truly great guys in this business!


Wish I had known this. Threw away my vintage '59 after I unscrewed the pots. Thought they may have wired the guitars before they sealed them at the factory or maybe had a couple of ship in a bottle techs on hand.

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