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Tru Arc to the Rescue


I’d decided to give guitar modeling a break and go back to just playing through pedals into an amp, at least for now (the pendulum swings back and forth with me). So I took my 6120CG and Eastman T58/v to rehearsal last night with the Rackabilly rig, and, probably due to the novelty of the different tone, it all sounded great. But the Eastman just wouldn’t stay in tune. Discounting the insanely hot weather and the fact that I’d just put new strings on it that morning, nothing I did would keep it in tune.

So I took it to the masters at TrueTone today and theorized it was nut bindage. They looked at it closely and concluded it wasn’t binding in the nut. Hmmm, but it won’t stay in tune, I implored. Then Paul Flynn, TrueTone co-owner and head of the repair shop, happened by and said “Look at the bridge.” Obvious, but hadn’t occurred to me. He looked at it and said of the tune-o-matic-style bridge “These look like the original notches, and they don’t fit the strings.” He proceeded to begin telling the tech what to do and I said “Sheesh, why didn’t I just buy a Tru Arc?” Paul stopped in mid-sentence and said “I have one...that I’m not using.” “Wanna try it?” Oh, hell yes. Instant delivery of a Tru Arc? Who wouldn’t go for that? It’s an aluminum model, with a bridge base, and fits quite nicely. Tuned it back up and voila. Tuning stability! Now I just have to order another one to replace it, and in the meantime, Friday’s show will be in tune!


That's cool of them to let you use theirs.

I noticed your band is playing at Polliwog Park in Manhattan Beach in August. I'm going to try to wrangle my family to go with me. I've played their concerts in the park a few times and it's always a good time.


Why, thank you Cap'n Frank! I enjoy reading positive reports from the field, as it were.

Except I can't imagine Paul had one and wasn't using it!

Anyway, onward and upward. I'm glad the product works. It does look handsome on that guitar - but the guitar looks pretty handsome itself. Great non-excessive finish lustre. Y'oughta post a pic of the entahr guitahr.


mmmmhhhhhhh I'm getting serpentune gas AGAIN!!! I need a super low rider made of ebony


Oh but the shop won't touch wood. It doesn't bend.


Cool P90 dogear to filtertron adapter ring! Is this something you made, or what?


Wow, I couldn’t even get the picture to appear last night, and now all these responses. Cool!

BuddyHollywood - yes, that’s about as cool a guitar store as you’re ever going to find, and their possession of the bulk of my discretionary income is sufficient proof of that. Yes, we’re looking forward to playing MB next month, too. We’re in Pasadena at the Paseo this Friday. 7:30 show.

Paul said he was planning to put it on his vintage Anniversary but hadn’t had time yet. He’s picked up a summer gig as Ry Cooder’s Guitar tech for this tour so he’s not home much.

Sure, I’ll shoot some more pics of this baby, though I should do it on film so they’ll be “Eastman Kodaks.” It’s no Gretsch, but I really like it, and even better now that it stays in tune. The carved solid top gives it a different sound and the “antiqued” varnish finish make it look old and played, but not quite relic’d. I think I had pics when I bought it last year, but this spiffy new iPhone has a spiffier camera so maybe that’s why it looks pretty stellar here.

Tavo - asking for an ebony Tru Arc? I’m not even going to go there.

Hilosean - no, those are stock, and you’ll find them on all T58/vs. They look to me (at least somewhat) like TVJones’ dog ear adapters, and seeing them makes me want to get another one of these and put some dogear T90s in it. But that’s gonna require money that a soon-to-be-unemployed person like me doesn’t have lying around, so don’t look for it yet.


Ry Cooder! Does Ry have a Gretsch? He needs a signature model Tru-Arc.

Eastman Kodaks...ba-DUMP-bump.

You quitting, downsized, or retahring?


Ry certainly does have a few Gretsch guitars in his arsenal. One being a '57 6120 just a few numbers away from Duane's. Bought it in Phoenix. Of course. Obviously, the guitar pictured is not it.


Oh but the shop won't touch wood. It doesn't bend.

– Proteus

Ebonized my good man, Ebonized! Some have referred to it as anodized black.


Is there an ebonized/black anodized tru-arc?! Because that would be hard for me to resist!!!


Thanks, Deed. It doesn’t surprise me he has a number of Gretsches, I’ve seen a lot of his instruments as they’ve come through the shop for service, and it’s quite an arsenal.

Proteus - to answer your question, while they offered to let me move to Virginia with the company, and it was a pretty good offer, it wouldn’t have worked for me (divorce can be expensive, I’m told), so they eliminated my position effective end of this month and are letting me retire. That’s also a good deal, but not quite enough (meaning I’m not old enough for Social Security just yet) to allow me to retire from the workforce, so I’ll be seeking gainful employment elsewhere to get by the next few years.


Ry certainly does have a few Gretsch guitars in his arsenal. One being a '57 6120 just a few numbers away from Duane's. Bought it in Phoenix. Of course. Obviously, the guitar pictured is not it.

– Deed Eddy

I believe this is one of the earliest 1957 Country Gentleman. There is someone who sometimes comes to StreetSounds Gretsch Day events who had iirc what he said was one of the first Gents. I may be off by a year. There is a photo posted somewhere which I recently saw but of course can’t find now in which he posed holding the Gent alongside Paul Pigat holding Curt’s ‘62 Club at this event. Nice guy. I asked him last year if he still had it and he said he sold it to Ry Cooder. I am guessing this is it.


Frank, that doesn't sound bad, really. Praps you can find something less stressful. IT is pretty wearing as we "mature."

Oh, ebonized. Anodized, gotcha. I'll see what I can come up with. Could be a thing.

Gosh, I wonder if I know anyone who might mention Tru-Arc to Mr Cooder. I'm a long-time fan, sure would be a hoot.


Pharaoh, one of the other techs at TrueTone (yes, that’s his real name) has availed Val McCallum (David’s son and brilliant guitarist in the band JackSh*t) of Tru Arc-ness and Val is a big fan now.

I’ll ask Paul if there are any opportunities with Ry.


I dealt with Pharoah on a bridge order, seems a great guy!

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