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Tru-Arc Serpentune Bridge For A Duo Jet


I received a stainless steel Tru-Arc Serpentune bridge for my Duo Jet last week. I have always been into tuneomatic / adjustomatic bridges because of their adjustable intonation and have never tried a standard bar bridge on my guitars. The Serpentune is the best of both being a solid piece of steel with compensated string slots similar to a traditional Bigsby bridge. I noticed the improvement in sustain right away. I also noticed that the bridge allows the strings to ring more pure meaning that I can tell more frequency vibrations are being transferred and not getting absorbed or choked. This is great! It's also refreshing that the bridge doesn't rattle. The intonation is on. I've come to the conclusion that a Tru-Arc Serpentune bridge really is the best bridge for a Gretsch guitar. It just works.

However, out of curiosity I also installed the stainless steel Serpentune on my Epiphone Casino. It didn't gel on this guitar at all! It added boominess to a P90 guitar that already has a warm midrange. In all fairness I don't think a stainless steel Serpentune is the right material for a Casino. When corresponding with Tim (Proteus) he mentioned that he has an aluminum Tru-Arc on his Casino. That makes more sense. Also, since I was already experimenting I installed the Gotoh Adjustomatic I previously had on my Duo Jet on my Casino and that also didn't sound as good as the thin, wire retained tuneomatic that came stock. Huh? I was really surprised about this.

Tru-Arc Serpentune bridges work especially well on Gretsch guitars. I'm wondering if it's because many of the golden age Gretsch guitars were designed to be equipped with bar bridges in the first place.


I am really impressed with the Serpentune bridges I have tried - a brass and a SS. I tried them both on a Duo Jet too! They just work, and are brilliantly simple.

However I am waiting for Tim to make a regular steel version one day, maybe nickel plated. I still prefer the tone of the Gibson wire-free ABR-1. They just sound great and don't rattle. Not as good for tuning stability but I love the tone. I wish I could get a Serpentune which sounded the same. FWIW I find the Gibson ABR-1 does sound better than the Gotoh. I have no idea why! I've tried a solid steel Callaham ABR-1 and it sounded horrible in comparison.


I'm going to take the skinny wire retained bridge off of the Casino and try that on my Duo Jet. I'm wondering if it's the mass of the Gotoh and the Serpentune that doesn't work on the Casino. If that's the case I wonder what the Casino's bridge will sound like on my Duo Jet.

Maybe the Gibson ABR-1 is the best way to go. So far the Serpentune sounds clearer than the Gotoh Adjustomatic on my Duo Jet.


I confirmed it last night with some more bridge swapping experimentation. The Tru-Arc Serpentune is the best bridge I have found for my Gretsch Duo Jet. Besides sounding clear and punchy it also works perfectly with the Bigsby. What a fine machined piece of steel!


I don't have a Jet, but based upon your and Senojnad's comments, am considering a Serpentune for my 6122-1959. Thanks for posting.


The Tru-Arc Serpentune also makes palm muting super easy and effortless. That is another benefit I discovered.


What gage strings are you using with this bridge and how close is the intonation with .010 and especially .011? I am thinking I am going to need one of these to replace the Meleta bridge. Thanks John


I've got a Tru-Arc™ Serpentune on my Les Paul and it sounds great. It is Aluminum


What gage strings are you using with this bridge and how close is the intonation with .010 and especially .011? I am thinking I am going to need one of these to replace the Meleta bridge. Thanks John

– powerwagonjohn

I'm using .010s and the intonation is excellent.


I'm thinking of getting one of these for my B16 instal on a tele


I lived with the stainless steel Serpentune for a couple of months and while it was an improvement over every other bridge I've tried on my Duo Jet I decided to swap it for an aluminum Serpentune. It was a hard decision but from Tim's descriptions and from listening to clips it sounds like the aluminum would bring out some more of the frequencies I am seeking from this guitar.

In the meantime I did install an aluminum Bigsby bridge for a few weeks to see what that would bring and while the frequencies I was hoping aluminum would bring out of the guitar were there, the overall tone seemed a bit thin. Where I felt the stainless steel maybe was a bit too much punch and not enough twang for my particular Duo Jet the Bibsby had too much twang and not enough punch. Acoustically the Bigsby bridge sounds really good and it feels great to play but plugged in it was missing some body. I re-installed the Gotoh Adjustomatic I've had on there since I bought the guitar for now until the aluminum Serpentune arrives. The Gotoh bridge feels great and sounds great plugged in but it is a bit of a buzz kill acoustically.

I'm really hoping the aluminum Serpentune will be the perfect balance.


I'm addicted to the sound of titanium SerpenTunes. The world's largest collection of these is at my house in Sydney (data independently verified by T. Harman)


Tim seems to have vanished & I don't see these being sold anywhere. His 2017 price list is still up but his email address bounces messages back. Anyone know what's up? Thanks!


He definitely hasn’t vanished, I’ve just ordered a Tru Arc for my Duo Jet. He’ll chime in here I’m sure.


I'm completely here. I get email all the time, at both my addresses. What address are you using?

Any chance you're you spelling my name with an O in the last syllable rather than an A? It's harmAnz (at psci dotnet).

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