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Tru-Arc goes to 12.


Not that the shop really wants to make MORE of these, but we had a request for a 12-string bridge to fit the 5422-12. It can be done.

This is the compensation pattern required for bridges set at a perfect right angle to the strings - ie, "straight across." 5420s and 5422s from about mid-2014 to sometime in late 2017 required this unique profile for their Secured bases. 54xx guitars since "sometime in late 2017" (and I wish I knew more specifically) have bridges set at the traditional angle used on Pro series guitars, and use the original SerpenTune profile.

But the 12-strings I've run across all have the right-angle orientation.

Thus, this. We can do it if you happen to want one. I guess it stands to reason we can do a 12-string config on any other bridge as well; this just happens to be the first SerpenTune 12-string bridge.


Now all we need is the 12-string Bisbsy to go with it.


I was thinking that if you had very long pins you could use a regular Bigsby and put two strings on each pin.


Or cut the balls off the string and just use the loops.


That’s dope, as the kids say. Makes me want a 12 even more.

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