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Toughen up your skin (no, really)…

This may not be the most appropriate time of the year to post this, but it just came up: Do your hands get rough, chapped, perhaps even splitting and bleeding during the winter? So you use hand cream, and that cures the chapping, but softens your skin so much that it gets cut just by looking at it? Well, Bunky, this may be the answer to that problem: The Red Sox starting pitcher Josh Beckett recently suffered an "avulsion" (a medical term for a cut or abrasion) on the side of one of his fingers, and ended up on the DL as a result. They are using zinc oxide and "Stan's Rodeo Cream" to toughen his skin. I looked up SRC on the web, and it's expensive ($40 per "vial," but it didn't say how large a "vial" it was (undoubtedly small)). I don't know if it works, but apparently Beckett, who has a history of developing blisters, swears by it (Stan Johnson is the Dodger's trainer and a former rodeo cowboy).
There's something wrong when a man's hands are too soft to play baseball. A hard day's labor would toughen those hands right up.
Ah, but you're talking about an artist, a master of his craft! (Actually, the avulsion is on the SIDE of his finger, due to the curious manner in which you grip a baseball in order to make it perform weird gyrations. You could pitch hay until the cows come home, and you wouldn't toughen up that skin.)
In the "Old Days" Baseball players and boxers believed that soaking their hands in brine ( some kinda salt water and vinegar solution I guess ) would toughen the skin.
Frigging site. First no post appears, then they both appear. Let this be a lesson to you!
And doing something like punching into a bag filled with beans(?) sand(?). Something that would toughen the skin but not abrade it off.
When I was a teen back in the sixtys I would sometimes work picking oranges with mostly country black folk. One day my hands were pretty tore up, and a couple of old dudes said to toughen them up by pissing on them.Really. Never tried it, but I guess it might work.Then again they might of wanted to see a gulible middle class white kid piss on himself. :nice: If your finger tips are in need of toughing up, try some super glue on the tips. Make sure its set up before you touch anything, especialy private parts if you decide to try the first idea, could be embarrassing .
I've heard the same thing about pissing on your hands while in the shower to toughen your callouses. It was in an interview with (I think) "Raul," the guy that plays congas for Santana. I don't want to do it though, because I don't want callouses on my feet!:omg:

Baxter said: There's something wrong when a man's hands are too soft to play baseball. A hard day's labor would toughen those hands right up.

Haha! Yeah...the game is now being played by dainty millionaires. :grin:
"...because I don't want callouses on my feet!
For the past few years I've had to worry more about whizz causing callouses on the front of my trousers. I think I need a new gasket set. :grin:
I prefer to rappel down my house bare-handing a length of mooring line.
"I prefer to rappel down my house bare-handing a length of mooring line." The object is to toughen your skin, dignan, not remove it.:grin:
But it grows back even tougher and more pissed off than before! :omg:
Switch to 13 roundwound strings. Or better yet, play some bass! Your fingertips will callous up in no time.
I use a preparation called 'surgical spirit'. You can get it from a pharmacy and it doesn't cost much - about GBP1.10. On the label it says,"To prevent bed sores and for the hardening of the skin." My friend's dad told him to piss on his fingers but I prefer surgical spirit. In case it is called something different in the US the ingredients are:Virgin castor oil, methyl salicate, diethyl phthalate, industrial methylated spirit. Come to think of it perhaps I should piss on my fingers!
Boxers used to do the urine thing back in the bareknuckle days from what I've heard. I have dry, sometimes cracked skin as well. Cornhuskers lotion takes care of that. To toughen fingertips takes time and practice and roundwounds.
Like Lionel said: Take a big bowl and put sand in it. Drive your fingers through the sand (open hand, not closed fists, though this is also a good exercise) Work your way up to rough salt, coarser sand, small pebbles, bigger pebbles, metal balls... Start with flour, if sand is too hard... Its a kungfu method to strengthen the fingers / hands. Never tried it really, but you can see it in the movies...:grin: Don't know if it would help one bit for your "winter hands". I think that problem has more to do with good blood circulation than anything else. Just swing your arms around for 5 minutes a few times every day, so the blood will flow to your hands. If it doesn't help, it won't hurt either, and meanwhile you train shoulders and ellbows as well. It sure beats pissing on your hands!
I'm concerned that the GDP now has two threads going about piss-toughening.
Opening twist off bottle caps has always been a struggle for me. Thats why I keep a handkerchief in my back pocket.
Mark, then what do you use your teeth for?
Perhaps you presume too much.
All this talk of peeing on things, well, my dogs kill the shrubs in the yard where they do their thang. So is it just an old wives tale to wash yer hands after using the facility? Is it time to nix the softhands and hygene be damned? Must be new age medicine. :grin: I just played till I got blisters (didn't pop them), then played some more. Painful at first ,but toughened them up real quick where they needed to be tough.
Apparently, if you like having your hands pissed on, you are supposed to wear a yellow handkerchief in your right back pocket.

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