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This is my last overdrive for a while!


Just received a Thorpy Gunshot. Wow - it's great! I don't like it with my 6120 so much but with the ES-225 it is so much fun.

It's an interesting variation on (of all things) a Tubescreamer as far as I can tell. I'm no fan of a Tubesecreamer, but this thing puts quite an impressive spin on it.It has four knobs - 3 of which you will find on most ODs but the 4th, Calibre, is the one which makes all the difference. Leave Calibre on zero and you have the typical thin, nasal whine of a TS. But as you turn Calibre up it gets all fat and juicy, increasing gain, bass and treble. So you almost use the regular gain knob as your midrange knob and the Calibre for tops and bottoms. You have a treble knob to stop it getting too toppy.

The thing is that while using the gain knob gets you compression and a boring TS type dirt, the Calibre knob adds lots of touchy/feely juicy amp-like dirt, which is a lot more fun. It's quite clever because you can get a decent range of tones with this set up. Moving the Calibre knob does that crackley thing which indicates there is DC on the pot, so what it does I can't say. But it is a lot of fun and a very earthy, quite British sounding OD.

My only criticism is that I wish it had a little more low-end thump, but it's still got enough lows for most guys I'm sure. Really cool, open sounding character OD. Definitely one of the better ODs going.


Famous last words

(I've said them LOL)


Is this as huge as it looks?


"I'll never need another delay pedal," I said when I bought my first MemoryMan. Yeah, right.


Is this as huge as it looks?

– sascha

No, but it's a little bigger than a Boss-sized pedal


I love the design with the foot (shoe?) guards to avoid accidental setting changes. Smart.


No, but it's a little bigger than a Boss-sized pedal

– ruger9



Hey - I said "for a while"!


I hate pedals.

– Proteus

I can relate!

It's a seemingly-never-ending rabbit hole.


Have you tried a Timmy?

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