TV Jones - T90’s…. Who’s Used Them?


Who's used TV's T90 pups?

What did you put them on, and what's your thoughts on their tone?

Appreciate any input on these.


I used a pair of them in a custom Bluebelly guitar made by forum member Hyde Baker. They remind me of the tone of a 1960s SG Junior with P90's that my friend played in the late 60s. Had the best rhythm tone ever, and plenty of bite for solos, really cut through the mix.


I've got T90's in my 6120. I like them alot. I've tried Ceramic Filters, HS filters, Classic, Classic+, Powertron and I've settled on the T90's. Tone is so subjective to I don't know how to describe them. But I like them.


Love them, everything you would expect from a P90 but better, more precise I'd say.


I also put one in the middle of my last cs build.


I put them in this doublejet. I second what CBell said...


Wow, some killer instruments with a thumbs up for T90's.

Thanks for the input folks, much appreciated.


I'm still waiting for one in a DeArmond mount.


I've got one in the neck position of my Hot Rod right now...

"Warm" is not how I would describe them. They are not dark and greasy like the old Gibson P-90s. They are harder/tighter, brighter, and more hi-fi than that. I've read them describes as a "P90 mixed with a Filtertron", and that's a good description, imo.

I don't like it in the Hot Rod, and much preferred the Duncan custom tallboy... but it's gone and the T90 will be going. (long story, I have a whole thread about it)

If I had a warm guitar to put them in (like my big 17" full hollow Epi Broadway), I bet they'd sound great. But in an already-bright Hot Rod, I think they are too hard/edgy/bright, even in the neck position. Oh yeah... and this is with a 250K volume pot


English mounts ,T-90 in the neck,PT + in the bridge I like the 90 , maybe it could use just a little more heat for my tastes

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I've got a pair in a G5435 Pro Jet. I agree with Ruger9's comments and just love these pickups in this guitar.


Hot and warm, good string separation but with TVJones DNA intact, the guitar remains a gretschGreat for rock, although I would prefer underwound & Alnico V mag

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Whats with the Tone pot / mud switch mod you have going?? Did you move the location of the pup selector as well?

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