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The Truth About Capos


OK, I just watched the video, and I want in on the "capo of the month club"!


The Feared Beard.


Just watch it. You'll never be the same.

Oh jeez I think I split into 5 people that are all the same!


I laughed my head off. But you know what? A song writing buddy of mine who lives in Kansas City has written a novelty song called "Capo Madness" wherein he uses at least four capos, one of them a standard capo, and the other three are partial capos. In the middle of the song, he accidentally-on-purpose knocks off one of the capos. It's an entertaining gag.


I haven't used a Kyser since I stopped smoking, I Shubb'd them out.


Someone owes me 3 minutes and 50 seconds.

– Richard Hudson

That would be Tim.


I feel 3:50 older...


capos are like training wheels, man up and grip some real chords.


I think there are some misconceptions about capos. Fingerstyle players like to have open strings as much as possible, and sometimes the capo lends itself to that. There's more to it than I only know 3 chord shapes.


I used to never ever use them, but after a few gigs as an accompanist, they sure make transposing a good bit easier without having to retrain muscle memory. The open strings is a nice bonus too.


Low Spark of High Heeled Online Gear Peddler's.


So whatever did happen to Sam Malone?


I put 12 of them on last night and I think I was abducted by Aliens.


EVERYBODY knows that if you add a RED capo the results are beyond amazing.


my favorite disappeared at the Nashville Roundup; so, I'm back to Kyser :(



One of the comments below the video on Reverb said, "the world truly needs more videos like this..."

I agree.


Does the order of the color of the capos make a difference? I’d hate to mess that up and have something bad happen.


Oddly, the capo is the one item of musical instrument equipment most frequently left behind by passengers on commercial aircraft, with the harmonica a distant second.

Read into it what you will...


Great Scott.... Three capos on a banjo. Jesus wept.


At 5:50 into this segment from 2000, Glen Campbell reveals his secret weapon on all those studio recordings..

Say "hi" to the Capo King!


Well I watched the video and..........and I'm still the same. I will add that several years ago I expereminted (out of curiosity) with a couple capos by placing them in different positions on the fretboard, using standard and altered tunings. Some sounded ok but most were not. I have only one capo. Multiple capos, not for me but I did learn that too much pressure on the strings changes the tuning. So I learned something.

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