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The Perils of Space Truckin’ | Vacuum Tubes in the Vacuum


My improvisational ambient industrial noise spacedelic twang-funk EDM prog-waltz roots duo, The Singularity, has an off-Terra gig at the Event Horizon, a Jovian system Free Navy officer's club/pleasure palace. ("What happens in the Event Horizon stays in the Event Horizon.")

The MCRN is transporting us as part of the contract, and the military ships are a little more liberal on luggage allotments than the commercial interplanetary transports, but I'm concerned my fleet of pedal-boards will push their leniency. (Yet how could I do the gig without them?)

Then, once I get there, I have to tote the gear myself to the venue - or hire cartage - and I'm not sure how I'm going to adapt to the gravity differential, and whether I can manage the loads. They've given me some weight-per-square-meter targets I have to meet.

Which means I'm having to weigh every piece and crunch some numbers, never my strong suit.

THANKfully, Effectrode Thermionic - who built the tube-driven PC-2A compressor of which I've just taken possession (after its arduous journey hither from the Netherlands) - are foresightful enough to supply the unit's weight on Callisto in their printed specs!

So there's a head start. I wish other manufacturers would be so helpful.


I don't understand all that I just read, but I like it...


Remember to bring your own oxygen, when you visit Callisto (one of Jupiter's moons, for those unaware).

And thermal underwear. I hear it is rather cold, that far out in our solar system.


Bon Voyage! remember. DON’T PANIC!


I'm ready for Part 2 of Prote in Space


I think Disaster Area was the only band to ever need these specifications ...


It's fun when you find one of those gems. At a temp agency late last century, I had to take an "alphabetizing test" to show I knew how to properly file things. The first name on the list: John Drake....


And bring a towel. They're not always provided.


How do you like the PC-2A?


A guitar won't help so go native -- just take a kazoo, a swanee whistle and a theremin. If you want to remain true to the brand you might add a Gretsch patented musical comb and an ample supply of appropriate paper. Good luck Cap'n.


Ah tube love...and say hi to Chonny for us.

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