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..the Legend of El Pescadoro surfaces


The new kanobs are EQDian, as used on most of Akron's perdles. They look perkier on the Pexadoor because they protrude from the aureoles of the larger white surrounds.

I like red, but I think I don't like red with blue. I believe your original knobs, however, potentially have greater epicity than the little white ones; I'd just prefer them in another color. Blue or white would be ok. Or, better yet, change all the blue on the pedal to red and stick with red knobs. Red is the best.

Epicity in knobs is all about context, of course, so it's impossible to say that any particular knob is inherently epic in every application.

Chase Bliss knobs have a pretty high inherent qool quotient, though, what with being machined and knurled anodized billet with detail. I also like Helix knobs and Strymon Trinity knobs and Meris knobs and also Strymon small-box knobs. And Origin Effects knobs. They're great. (Clearly I have a thing for machined metal kanobs.)

The knobs on Volante are not so special, but I guess they're appropriate to the context.

Chicken-heads have a hard time NOT being cool, in almost any context: where they're period-appropriate, they look right; where they're not, they look like a statement of purpose.

EQD's Arrows has perhaps the most thematically coherent knob on any pedal I know. And since there's just the one, it stands self-sufficient in its purposeful dignity. It promises nothing but leveling up, and that's what it does.

I've never bought or not bought a pedal based on its knobs. I've never even changed knobs on a pedal, though I've done so on many a guitar (and I've always been right to do so).

Dice, skulls, and Darth helmets are NOT knobs.

– Proteus

that does help in great proportion! Ps. most all of use builders have access to a plethora of knobs, but making them fit in the graphic-scape is a head scratcher sometimes. As a player stuck on a mic, the only knobs worth having are the fender radio style knobs (cupcakes) because the side ribbing/knurl makes it easy to turn w the edge of your shoe w/out having to bend over. Just not real eye candy.


new look for Autumn coming for the El Pescadoro ( a Jr Barnyard w 2 channel pre fender, chess records style reverbs)


Yep, that’s completely handsome.


What happened to the smoke & chitlins?


What are the power requirements on this?


What happened to the smoke & chitlins?

– Jon

that was an early mock up Vince Ray did for me, he didnt know what the controls were going to be called at that point. :)


What are the power requirements on this?

– Opie

71ma (-)negative tip 2.1mm cannon tip, audio quality power supply. thanks for asking Opie!


So.. The new look for the holidaze, is here. I'm quite happy to not have blue and white on the El Pescadoro anymore. Love this burgundy and creme look. Same pedal, new colors. Its a Junior Barnyard (octal tube character preamp) w a Chess Records era chamber/plate reverbs that pre date that whole leo fender spring reverb thing.


Mine is on the way, it's my Xmas present to myself.


Mine is on the way, it's my Xmas present to myself.

– audept

will be tomorrow. we just got the el pescadoro enclosures done w circuit boards mounted.


Ordered mine a couple of weeks ago. Can’t wait!


Yay! Happy Thanksgiving!

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