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The Dynobrain will be getting a tape echo emulator… Detroit Casket


I had one too and remain astonished at the cyborg eye's ability to make an object six feet away appear thirty feet distant with a rheumy cataract blur.

However, the red leisure suit's immutable manliness is surely beyond dispute.

Best wishes for success with the pedal, Tavo. The Steve Austin campaign has us all snapping to attention, nice job on the marketing thrust.

– ade

wow, thanks I hadnt really considered anything more than my 6 Million Dollar Man's suit matched the odd orange-ish red knobs I found in bulk from a knock-off dakaware manufacture.

I thought they were so cool, the whole pedals scheme is meant to compliment them. A bit obsessive but its always art that drives me and lil Steve Austin was the perfect match.

so now he's my temporary partner.. till Xmas. Which is not a good marketing move come to think about it.

especially when the pedal is hotroddy w the name down to the descriptor: Fluid Drive. Its ultimately whats inside that counts especially for a gretsch.


The fun begins.. Doing a giveaway with the presale that is starting Halloween night at Midnight!

some of you might remember the Bionic Man from the 70's television show , somehow he got mixed up w the release of my Detroit Casket Fluid Drive pedal cuz his tracksuit matches the knobs.. now its on, free prizes involved. Trying to figure out how to make a giveaway work like the willy wonka golden ticket bit.. got 24hrs to figure it out. Grand prize is a beat to sh$t Bionic Man action figure from the 70s and 100% of your preorder goes to St. Jude's Childrens hospital (documented), 1st prize is Xmas LP and christmas ornament bionic man, 2nd & 3rd are the ornament.

give a listen here:


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