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TC analogue echo


Anyone tried TC's Echobrain analogue delay pedal? If so, is it any good? Along with various other effects boxes in the same range, it seems very inexpensive for a TC pedal, which makes me wonder about its build quality. But for what I want — a nice fat slapback — it sounds OK, at least on YouTube demos. The idea is to have two delay boxes on my board (the other is a Carbon Copy) so I can switch between slapback and a more 'spacey' echo without having to bend down and fiddle with control knobs.


I went this route a few years ago. Had been using a danelectro for years (which I chose over a boss analogue at the time).

Got a deal on the tc alter ego so I jumped at it. I find I use the Binson echorec setting 95% of the time. I can get a wide variety of sounds from it, including beyond spacey and infinite delays for getting really noisy.

That said, I couldn't part with my dano. Something about a simple analogue delay that couldn't be replaced. Now I love having two on my board. Also, the tc can't make the spacey jet sounds by playing with the tape speed knob while it's on.


I don't know about the new TC range - yes they are really cheap! But i use a TC Flashback Mini for slapback and it's excellent. You can use any of the toneprint settings on it, which makes it a surprisingly versatile delay for its size. The Flashbacks also have incredibly low tonesuck.

So if the Echobrain is anywhere near as good it should be great value.

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