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Tavo, one more fuzz please.


Ok brother there is a huge part of me that wants your new Selzerado fuzz, but I am not sure it's what I need. The Fuzz Ray gives me that nasty garage fuzz, but I want one that is more thick and meaty for power chords. However, seeing that I like to support the little guy vs. buying one from a chain, what say you make that your next fuzz challenge? If the Selzerado can dial in that tone, then I will order one. I am sure all the guys here wouldn’t mind yet another cool fuzz from your mad scientist pedal laboratory. That's it! You could call it the Mad Scientist Fuzz!


if you put your dynobrain right after the Fuzz-ray with the bass knob all the way to the left..you can get more meat. I'm really not focus'd on mainstream stuff though craig. If it doesnt move me in the world I live in I cant get behind it as its got to work for me and particularly the music I love.

I appreciate you see the world through the same glasses I do in stickin it to the corporations and supporting small industry so if you really want a great take on a big muff the Musket by blackout effects is really a good one.

but like I said, if you put your dynobrain after the Fuzz-ray there is some fattty Zep on tap..although kind of noisy since the preamp starts amplifying all the noise artifacts of that circuit that I stiffled with metal film resistors, metal film caps and shielding,etc.


Well, let me ask you this; since the Selzerado has a tone knob, can you make it more bassy than the Fuzz Ray.?


Not to steer you away from Tavo's stuff, I love it, but what you're looking for is a Tonebender MkII and Tavo's fuzzes don't sound like that. Check out the Retro-Channel The Fuzz for fat Zep chord stuff:



Well, let me ask you this; since the Selzerado has a tone knob, can you make it more bassy than the Fuzz Ray.?

– Craig Harvey

Well, let me ask you this; since the Selzerado has a tone knob, can you make it more bassy than the Fuzz Ray.?

– Craig Harvey

b-b-B-But... but.. I dont want the Seltzerado to be more bassy. I want the bass to be attenuated to bring an extreme mids focus which is true to a mosrite fuzzrite's character and when tweaked correctly enhanced even more with a gretsch.

the Fuzz-Ray's intent is to provide a heavy fuzz that doesnt mush down on a gretsch with filtertrons/dynas nor loses the stringy-ness or guitarists fingers on the fretboard, which is what too many fuzzes do to a gretsch nashville.

if it helps, I will be introducing another unique fuzz early this summer that is opposite of everything I mentioned above but absolutely not big muff nor tonebender. I really think though you would love the Blackout Effects Musket Fuzz, the double version is even cooler and I plan to get me one soon.



If we all asked Tavo to make our favorites, he'd never see his day job, his family, his gorilla or his own guitars ever again!

We certainly don't want that to happen now do we? :(

I gotta respect Tavo for only building what moves him. You can see/hear it in his product line.


My brain needs adjusting after trying to comprehend all the different elements of fuzz that we're discussing.

Luckily I've got a Seltzerado on order to compare against the Fuzz Ray. The Fuzz Ray (to me/for me) may be too much "wall of fuzz". I'm looking for a bee, it's more of a swarm. 8-)

That being said I probably haven't taken enough time to dial it in yet...


Someone once warnd me to be careful before stepping into the world of fuzz. Unlike delay, OD or distortion, where it all seems to follow a single path, fuzz has many flavors, each taking a while to dial in.

Me, I've barely figured out my Fuzz Ray, but get some interesting tones out of it. And no matter how I play Goo Goo Muck through it, I still don't have Poison Ivy's legs...


Well, Tavo if your gonna buy a Blackout Fuzz, why not make something like that yourself and sell it? You have the talent for sure. Plus the two things that make me want to buy one from you, is I love your designs and would rather give you the cash than someone else if I can. Plus, I don't know the difference between all these types of fuzz pedals. I don't know what a Mosrite Fuzz is. I might buy the Selzerado regardless just cause the damn thing just reeks of cool. As always, your designs inspire and impress. I just have to be choosy because of funds and what will work for me as a multifunctional pedal with all the styles of music I like.

I am thinking fuzz something akin to Smashing Pumkins Siamese Dream album.


I'm thinking a Setzerado might be up my alley. I've never gotten any of the Fuzz's I've tried to sound like anything but mud. We have a tune with an intro riff similar to "Blue's Theme" from the movie Wild Angels that I'd love to get some good fuzz on.


Which of your fuzz's do you think is for me Tavo? Keep in mind that it will probably run in front of my TSL.


Blues theme ..thats the quintessential example of what a mosrite fuzzrite sounds like and the tune from Once Upon a Time in the West. Although the fuzzrite clones gunning to sound authentic, usualy dont work for power chords too well. I wanted to be able to get that out of my Seltzerado but mind you, you can change over to ceramic caps like the sanner fuzzrite and you can also change around the transistors.

I got my sound by mixing the lower gain transistors with film caps and modified pot values. It took a long time and I kept going between a guitar with a set of filtertrons (the spectrasonic with a pwrtron neck and supertron bridge) and sugarpine tele with T-armonds, to get it where i liked it.

Granted I tried to be sure it could get close to those examples mentioned above but my favorite sound out of the Seltzerado is with the gain sort of halfway up and the tone dialed back with the volume pretty high with the amp at a tame level.

This is what that sounds like, this video was when I'd finally got the tone pot set right (it was inside the box at the time)



That riff you are playing is right about what I was talking. I'll be getting a Setzerado on order. Thanks Tavo.

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