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Strings For Gretsch 6120 DSW


Well I have had my DSW for about four months now. How time flies. I am a fan of flatwounds, both Thomastik and Pyramid. My 6120 came with rounds and it sounded good but I took some TI flats from my Guild X-175 and transferred them to my DSW. After a couple months I went back to rounds. I put fender .10s in pure nickle. As much as I love flats I have to say the guitar sounds much better with rounds. Rounds brought out a dynamic that the flats couldn't. Now if I had a Duo Jet with Dynas that may be different. I bet Dyna equipped Jet would be the way to go with flats. I did research before putting on flats and I forgot my findings of opinions of DSW with flats but I put flats on anyway.


I tried rounds on my 61201957W (one Dyna and one P90, more or less the Eddie Cochran model, but earlier), but went right back to flats.


Try D'Addario half rounds. Best of both worlds


I agree with Scott, the half rounds are the way to go. I have them on all my electrics. I don't see/hear any downside to this style string. They last forever and are much quieter and much easier on both my left hand calluses & especially my right hand fingernails.

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