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Hey guys-- a few things I can't figure out lately. I'm getting really pingy highs on all guitars with my deville amp--but maybe it is the RE-20 space echo? The issue is that we are playing at such low volume at church that it's hard for me to tell (and my amp is there so I can't check it at home). But oddly, the space echo and even Tavo's pedal has a hard time with my m75t--i know my silver jet is a better guitar, but would there be a reason why it would work worse with single coils or the deadlines for some reason?

Just wondering.



Could be a lot of things, Konrad. Experiment. Take the RE-20 out of the signal chain. Swap cables around. It could be a simple pickup adjustment as well. Single coils are brighter. Could also be wolf tones.


I sometimes notice a ping, particularly on clean settings, almost like a percussive sound of the pick touching the string as it makes the note. Some Strat demos through clean fender amps set my teeth on edge. I think.,... you're trying to sell me a guitar and you think that's ok? Same with farty old tweed amp reissues and harsh new speakers. Shudder


Thanks guys...

I'm wondering if it is the re-20--maybe it's the actual echo that is kicking in too bright. I simply haven't had time to check the last couple of Sundays, but oddly it seems to get high and pingy especially on a c note on the high e string.

Really odd.



Take it out of the chain, physically. That'll rule it out as the culprit so you might focus on the amp instead.


I'm assuming this is with the bright switch off?


Hard to say without actually hearing it, but it sounds like a pre-amp tube issue to me. Microphonics, probably.


Play the guitar on another amp. You might be surprised.


Hmmm. Preamp tube--could be.


The pickups on your guitar are one problem. The Space Echo is another problem. Those pickups are terrible and should be replaced with either regular Gretsch DynaSonics, or T-Armonds, or some other DeArmond copy. The RE-20 has an input impedance of about 15K, whch is way too low for electric guitar. Either get it modded, or put some other solid-state device between the guitar and space Echo. Even a tuner will buffer it ok, although an actual JFET mod will sound much better. Those pickups on your guitar were a failed attempt by Fender to make something that looked like a DeArmond, and sounded like a P90. Their engineers knew it wouldn't work, but the sales guys call the shots. The DeArmond bobbin is mostly hollow in the middle to make room for the magnets and adjusting screws. You can't put enough wire on them to simulate P90's, which are almost all wire. Of course, DeVille amps sound really funny too. There's more stray capacitance in the bad PC board than there is in the tone caps, so they just sound thin & pinched. Glad I could brighten up your day...let me know if you need any more tips...BZ



I agree with all of it--but for some reason still really like the m75t's sound! But I think I may have a bad preamp tube, as I'm getting the same prob with filtertrons...



Wow--thanks for the advice Billy Zoom. This morning I played live (church, but more rocking than you might think) and I rigged it: guitar-overdrive -input no. 2 on the amp but through the effects loop dynobrain then my tuner and then the re-20.

The difference was astounding. Really great sound and I was able to bounce back and forth from billy slap back to U2 sounds (always in demand at church gigs). The m75t is not my silverjet, but it was it this morning...

Great advice to get extra buffer in front of the re-20. Thanks a million.



Also--the dyno added a lot even if these are not filts but dearmond 2000s.

I need to try this order with the silverjet next.


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