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Straight cables vs. curly cables


So my wife recently got some new hair ties for pony tails. Old style below, new ones above. I had to ask if she noticed if they altered her tone. Based on her response, I have to conclude that they make her treble end especially shrill and boost overall volume nearly to the point of overdrive.


Thanks folks, you’ve been a great crowd! I’ll be here all week! Don’t forget to tip your waitress well! And try the veal!


I hated the old "telephone" cables. Who's idea was that? Nasty, tangly things! They were always coming un - soldered, I spent hours stripping off the ends and fixing them, altogether wretched things! The veal is excellent, BTW!


I told my doctor that my arm hurts when I hold it like this. He said, "Then don't hold it like that."

Incidentally, I purchased one of those Vox coily cables, in white. I don't use it much, because it doesn't allow a lot of room to walk. I always thought those photos from the 60's were ridiculous, where the guitarist is 10 feet in front of the amp, and the coily cable is dangling in midair...


Things (and thingamajigs) change. That's one of those truisms you can count on.

I clearly recall (well, reasonably clearly) the days in Jr High when we all wanted "curly cords" because the Big Guys were using them, but we were burdened with the cheaper Woolco and Woolworth "specials", which didn't look near as neat.

Had one, a grey one, once upon a time. It came with a 90-degree end about the size of a small oyster that wouldn't fit the faceplate of my amp.

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