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Pattern picking alternating bass fingerpicking…


Just a short demo of the result of using the pattern picking method to learn fingerpicking. Also proves that I haven't progressed much since I started some years ago.


Hey that's not bad at all.


That's good, Jukka. That independence will come, just stay at it.


That's way better than me!


That's great stuff Jukka. One way I've noticed I'm improving getting something down is that I couldn't get to a new position fast enough and the sound was stilted or rough, but as it came along it began not to seem too fast a tempo at all to get where the next position was. When it seems like the song's tempo has slowed down to make it easier for me to play, but in reality it hasn't at all, I know I'm seeing good improvement.

Keep up the good work!


Thanks friends!

I posted this mainly to encourage anyone struggling with learning this style, like I did for a long time, that pattern picking was the key that opened the lock for me. One bar/measure patterns were simple enough to practice and learn to get started. In theory you could split complete song into patterns for each bar and practice them separately. Or just try to play the melody for short part of the song and for the rest, just play chords with some pattern you know. This way you can play the complete song first easily and add melody & complexity in stepwise manner.

Somebody wrote that you need to first learn the patterns and then dislearn them. So after you have practiced enough different kind of patterns you can start to forget them and your fingers will be ready (hopefully) to play more freely and changing the patterns on the fly without really thinking of them anymore. And sometimes the magic happens and your fingers will find the melody


That's very nice. Wish I could do that. Thanks for the share.


Very nice picking. Thanks for sharing it with us!


Keep it up Jukka, you're obviously making progress

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