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So Now FEEDBACK is a GOOD Thing??


I remember trying Boss or Ibanez feedbacker pedal in the mid 80's, so it's not a new idea exactly. Yellow box.

And I even remember a guitar that had feedbacker built in back then. Battery inside and a switch to engage it.


Ah yes, the Fernandes Sustainer. I think that's what the Edge of U2 used for the song With and Without You. Not such a bad idea. Sure, limited use, but it sounds good on that song.


Yeah, Fernandes it was. (I always assumed With or Without You was done with ebow.)


@Lacking Talent: not exactly what I had in mind. I'm thinking about that failing/short circuiting instrument cable effect you hear Jack White and Eagles of Death Metal are doing every now and then.

– Ger (aka Ratrod)

The best use of that I've ever seen was the FOO Fighters. In the studio, they wanted a different effect, so one guy mounts the guitar ready to rip a lead, the other guy on purpose fumbles around creating the all to familiar buzz of a raw lead connected to the amp but not the guitar, a second or two of "fumbling" and BAM a great piece of music...

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