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Skreddy Hybrid Overdrive


As I mentioned in my other thread, I received this amazing pedal yesterday. It's called a hybrid because it uses an AC127 germanium transistor with two silicon transistors. The result is an overdrive which works better with a volume pot on a guitar than I have experienced before - it's remarkable.

As t has no bass control I was keen to see how it worked with both an ES-225 and a Strat. With the Strat I would perhaps like a touch more low end grunt, but then I think that of pretty much every pedal anyway! But with the 225 it's all good. Great in fact!

The tone is about as well balanced as I think is possible in a 3-knob pedal. It has a great Kerrrrang to it but enough mids to make it jump out for single note stuff. The aspect which really jumps out though is just how good it FEELS when you play. Very un-pedal-like. It has a lovely give to it which makes it feel alive. One of those pedals which makes you want to keep playing and playing.

The hybrid thing is perfect. It has the clarity and punch of the silicon with a little earthiness of germanium. With the Strat the bass strings don't dissolve into mush - they twang like crazy. But the trebles can sing with a fat vocal quality. And I was wondering about the temperature thing, but it seems ok. Yesterday was a stinking hot day here and the pedal had been sitting in the back of a van all day. It was warm to touch when I stuck in on my pedal board in air-conditioned comfort. Sounded fine - no problems at all.

If you are chasing a tweedy/Marshally old school rock'n'roll sounding overdrive this might just be it. Does the clean to dirt thing brilliantly, has loads of gain on tap if desired and works with the guitar perfectly. Really impressed.

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