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Prototype? maybe not…


I would say it's not normal to see this, but it does show up, especially on the lower priced models. You have to remember that sometimes there are streaks of color or pitch pockets and the sunburst is adjusted to hide imperfections.

– JazzBoxJunky

True, and, a more extended dark shading to a sunburst finish like that can also often be applied to hide repaired breaks at the head or heel. Not necessarily a theory here, but something to consider.

The other thing that distracted my eye is the difference in the color/staining/shading on the neck sunburst vs the back sunburst. Common on a Gretsch? Unusual?


Just for the sake of comparison, here is a rear view of a '65 CC.

The shading of the neck is similar in terms of dimensions, but note the way the coloring matches the finish on the back of the body. This looks more normal to me than the guitar being discussed here.


Not trying to pile on Charles here, and I realize that the somewhat sour nature of this discussion may be deterring some, but if anybody else has opinions about this guitar's neck finish (and neck vs back finishes in general, as per above) I would appreciate the input from you guys that have seen more Gretsches than I have. Thanks.


I loved the burst on my old 61 single anniversary. Mel has it now.

back photo c9fd.jpg


Thanks Setzer. That's more what I expect to see as an original factory matched finish (neck / back).


As an aside, based on personal experience, I'd be skeptical of anything a priest had to say on virtually any subject ranging from a guitar he is selling all the way to a theology he is peddling. True skepticism is healthy, in all things.

– Doppler

Not sure if this broad generalization is helpful to the discussion. Or any discussion, for that matter.

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