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Shameless Tru-Arc Puffery: Who’s got ‘em?


I'm pleased to draw attention to Tru-Arc's new link in the Endorsements list on guitarist Joe Robinson's site – Joe is now using an aluminum Hole-Tone on his 6122, and says "Yeah! I love the new bridge, thanks for sending!! ... I'm using the one with the holes in it. Really sounds great, a little hollower than my previous bridge which is pretty neat... "

And that got me thinking about other career professionals who've tried, recommended, and use Tru-Arcs.

I'm pleased and proud that these players – like so many others, new players and old hands alike – have made Tru-Arc part of their arsenal, and want to thank each and all.

Guys for whom one name would suffice...
• Duane Eddy
• Brian Setzer
• Paul Yandell

Working Professionals on stages of all sizes
Carl Bradychok, young Michigan rockabilly hotpicker
Walter Broes, top Belgian rootsrocker, GDP stalwart
Don Butler, "Tone Man" and guitarist in Working Class Hero
Brophy Dale, roots rocker with his own band and Lee Rocker Band
Joao Erbetta, instrumental guitar monster
Shelby Legnon of The Chop Tops
Michael Lockwood, Lisa Marie Presley band
Patrick Matera, Katy Perry Band
Paul Pigat of Cousin Harley & DVD instructional fame
Vince Ray of The Boneshakers (and rock & roll graphics fame)
Joe Robinson, hot young superpicker
Ira Siegel, discography here
• Jason Steele (gretschman36 on GDP)
Mel Waldorf of Meshugga Beach Party and the GDP

Chet Setters
Craig Dobbins; Chetpicker, writer, transcriptionist (Tru-Arc demo page here)
Bobby Gibson, Chetpicker deluxe
Richard Hudson; the GDP's own Chetpicker extraordinaire
John McClellan, world-class Chetpicker
Guy Van Duser, Chetpicker & educator (interview here)

And how 'bout the rest of the world?
Volkan Basaran, top Turkish rock/pop guitarist
Peter Czajer; top Polish EMI/Virgin artist
Janne Louhivuori; Finland's top gun (you need to hear Yin & Yang)

• Chris Fleming, FMIC Custom Shop Master Builder
• Stephen Stern, FMIC Custom Shop Master Builder


I ain't famous, but I'm a proud Tru-Arc™'er several times over.


No fame here either, but I'm also a Tru-Arc'er...even my Tele is getting one! Proudly using your bridges at all of my shows with my area's premier (ok, only) rockabilly/honky-tonk band ;-)


Recording a cd with a Copper Tru-Arc on my New Jet.

Springsteen wants to know how I get "that" sound.


Yessir, and thanks to all you guys too. I couldn't survive just on "famous" people.

Did you tell Springsteen he'd have to start with a Gretsch? Or does he want a Tru-Arc on his Tele? I bet I can figure out a way...


He's got some Gretsches, but we mainly talked baseball and tequila.


A quadruple Tru-Arc owner am I . . .. and a proud one at that! :)

You need an "Amateurs" listing, Herr Direktor!:D


By the way, Proteus...I think that the title of this thread is mistaken. The word "puffery" is inapplicable to the thread because the word is defined as exaggerated or false praise. Nothing exaggerated or false in the praise for the Tru-Arc™ around these parts. Maybe "Shameless Self-Promotion" would have greater application here.


I am really happy to see Tim's success with Tru-Arc. Build a better mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door. Well, he didn't build a mouse trap, but he did design a much better bridge for the guitar we all love and now the design is reaching out to others as well.

Congratulations, my good friend. I am happy for you.


One day, I will pop a copper TA on my Knotty Pine Roundup...if I ever get a Knotty Pine Roundup.

And yeah, ya done good.


Nuttin' but Tru-Arcs on all my Gretsch's fer sure ! LOVE EM ! Thanks Tim for a great product. (can't wait for the brass 2 1/8" spacing to get here for the Hall 'O Fame guitar ? ;-) )


Where are the hot chicks??

– piratesrule

Where are the hot chicks??

– piratesrule

There are GET A LIFE programs you know!


Sporting a T-A on the 5122, and I think a SS T-A for the Duojet will help brighten it right up.

May try 1 on the "new" 1967 Annie. Will know more once the Filters are installed.


And since I never ever refer to promotional statements and claims that express subjective rather than objective views which no "reasonable person" would take literally, nor believe in advertising or sales presentation relying on exaggerations, opinions, and superlatives with little or no credible evidence to support its vague claims, I can now fully admit I am a Quadrarc. "Ich bin ein Wahre Brücke"

Those who are easily shocked, please look away:

**Link to an Extreme Close Up of my Diploma, issued by Proteus**

The Bridgeworks Tru Arc Swap-O-Matic Luxury Gift Box Set. Real see through plastic and foamy bridge resting material.


No fame but almost three Tru-Arcs. Stainless steel, copper and I ordered an aluminium one from Deke recently.


I've got one on my 6120 and had one on my 6128, which was sold. If you made one for a 16" radius, I'd have one on my Godin 5th Ave. They are the best.


If you made one for a 16" radius, I'd have one on my Godin 5th Ave. They are the best. -- bob howard

You would just take the standard Gretsch RBB off your 9.5" radius guitar for that one.


JD, he typically does have extras in his pocket when he makes trips like that (provided that his brother has been being busy and making them).


I figured that a good "salesman" would have a few hiding somewhere 8-o

I'm "Tru-ArcLESS" now, and considering them for my Gents and Falcon.

They do make a nice difference.


I've had three, one aluminum amd two of stainless steel.

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