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Screwing down Embie/melita bridge


I recently got an Embiematic stovebolt bridge for my dynasonic silver jet and once I got it set up and in the best spot on the guitar, it came alive, sounds tighter plugged in as well. My question is how to properly screw the bridge down. It has the melita style plastic feet. Do I use flat screws? Would strat pickguard screws work? I have a ton of those. Do I need to countersink the base feet, and if so, what tool do I use? The last thing I wanna do is drill through it and crack the base or ruin it, and obviously I don't want to mess up my jet. Any help is appreciated!


have a luthier do it if you must have the bridge pinned... if you are bothering to go to a luthier then have him/her replace the plastic feet with rosewood ebony or something more resonant. Otherwise I say just double side tape it for the time being and if that keeps it in place then dont bother with screws/pinning


Thanks for the response! Why do you recommend against pinning/screwing down? It seems it would just remove one more loose part, which should help tone, right? Or make no difference at all? Billy Zoom fully recommends just screwing the melitas to the top of the guitar and just forgetting about it


i love the zingy sounds of these.. but they do move a bit and i got a lil buzz on my low E. Im not keen on pinning so might try tape


I play a powerjet and my bridge is pinned/screwed to the top so I am fine with it... I am just saying that that is a mod I would recommend leaving to a luthier.... not a home DIY job. also I would get non plastic feet. but if you wanna keep the guitar in original shape for resale or whatever then go with double sided tape


Plastic sounds good. Don't change it.


Rosin or double sided tape both work. Pinning or screwing it down is permanent, so I'd have someone qualified do it if you're not too sure about it.


A small piece of Scotch Poster Tape on the bottom of each foot will work fine.


Billy, what kind of screws did you use? I have a bunch of strat pickguard screws if that works. Did you just tape the bridge down and do the whole process in one shot?


I have an Embie Stovebolt on he way. Mat drilled two holes under the bridge so I can use a couple of grub screws to secure the base. I'm with Billy on the plastic base. It's part of the Melita "sound"

Good to hear some positive reviews on the Stovebolt!

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