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Rockabilly Slapback / Delay pedal


several people i know using these Boss DM-2 pedals including Paul pigat and i think his slapback on live shows is very cool !

i dont like allot of knobs on pedals just looking for a simple decent builded pedal with a great sound !

the price of a Memory lane Jr or el capistan is the same as a used new looking Vintage Boss DM-2 MIJ, and the Way Huge Aqua Puss is $105 cheaper then all of them


I scored a Boss DM-3 for $175 last year from J&R Music, online. I see em on Craigslist every now and then too. It's THE pedal if all you need is slapback. 3 knobs.


Had an AquaPuss, loved it! Was great. Sold it for a Strymon Brigadier, loved it! Great for londer delays. Sold it for a Strymon El Capistan (Awesome)

And now i use a DM3! $200 bucks in near perfect condtion. Perfect :D Just ask Tavo ;-)


Any fans of the Boss Gigadelay? I'm still trying to decide whether or not I like it


I have a boss dm-2 an a dd-20 in my board but..

for a full analog slapback, it wont get any better than the DM 2/3

thats the way to go


I like my Giga - a useful combination of versatility and programmability – and use it for several standard programmed delay tricks.

I don't live and die by a rockabilly slapback, though, so that's not my sole criteria.

I certainly wouldn't promote the Giga as the ultimate slapback/tape delay emulator. In that category it's good but not great. The value is that it can do a decent job of that, plus a lot of other things.

For complete delay satisfaction - and creative satisfaction - I'm loving the Strymon Timeline.

Both pedals remain on my board...


I had a couple of DM-2s cos I keept hearing how great they were. I didn't get on with them & I've sold them both. The lilac danecho sounds good to me, didn't notice too much tone sucking Tavo & I'm well fussy about such things. The speed toggle switch is very handy on stage. Shame about the crap plastic knobs that you can't see the markings on.


I wouldn't call myself a fan of the Boss Gigadelay but it's a very useful unit like Proteus said. It sounds good in many modes, is fully programmable, solid built and affordable. Not even the most beautiful pedal in the world but great for stage use. I've got an EHX Memory Boy on the board as well that I like its dirty tones. At home I use a WEM/Watkins Copicat tape echo.

Anyone know what a Ibanez AD-80 is worth these days? I may have one for sale.


theres a purple danecho for sale here in my local store for $35 how can it get so much votes for that price !

anyway i think im going for that WH Aqua puss i can get one for $100 if i still missing the delay sound im looking for then i will buy a Boss Dm-2 / 3 and compare them with eachother. the Dm-2 /3 keeps its price Value and can always sell it again.


I use an old Ibanez AD-9 that I bought in '82. Sounds like there is no love here on the AD-9, I am quite happy with it. But reading about the Strymon, I guess I have to check one out at my local store. The owner is trying for some time to sell me one. He showed me what it can do and after a few minutes I stopped him, it seemed to complex to operate.


btw for the fans of El capistan ive found this video with rockabilly kinda slaps. watch out the video is a bit loud so turn down your sound.



My mind almost went numb with all the delay choices out there. There's just so much to choose from. I ended up with an Aqua Puss, because I read so many positive things about its slapback sound. It delivers.


Going to throw what I use out there, TC Electronics Flashback Delay. One of the downloadable toneprint's sets up a great slapback. The Analog, Tape and 2290 delays are all very good as well. The standard Slapback delay is good too.

Has the following delays: 2290, Analog, Tape, Lofi, Dynamic, Modulated, Ping Pong, Slapback, Reverse, and the Toneprint (download artist created specialty delays). And it has a looper. Bout half the price of the Strymon.


Walking through Central London today and suddenly down came the rain — so I sought refuge in a convenient guitar shop (as you do). Someone was trying a Strymon delay and it sounded spectacularly good. However, I won't buy one because, superb as it is, it does so many thinks that I don't need — I'd get option anxiety.

All I need is a slapback and a longer sort of 'Wonderful Land' echo, and I have two pedals that can do this — an MXR Carbon Copy and a Rocktron Short Timer. No, neither is as good as the Strymon, but they do the job well enough and also cost a hell of a lot less.

TC's Flashback, recommended by CyberTim, offers a lot of great sounds for the money.


yep cant deny the flashback is a simple and great sounding box if you dont like to tweak around. I feel cheated by the flashback because I CANT twiddle the settings.


I'm still using my Boss RE-20, does a mighty fine job of Rockabilly slapback and Sleepwalk. I don't really care if it's analog or digital or true bypass as long as I'm happy with the sound that comes out my amp!


Manged to try out a Boss DM-3 , Aqua puss and Diamond memory lane jr and Carbon copy today and oh well the old boss dm3 from the 80's.... just couldnt stop playing trough it, it was in new shape with original box so just bought it today , Woohoo ! thanks for all the reply's but there are so many diffrent delay's you just need to test them yourself in order to choose one of them.


If I had to do it again I go for the El Cap, probably will eventually anyway. ;-) I have a Baby Echo by Lovepedal. Very simple pedal with a great sound.


I'm still using my Boss RE-20, does a mighty fine job of Rockabilly slapback and Sleepwalk. I don't really care if it's analog or digital or true bypass as long as I'm happy with the sound that comes out my amp!

– shakerAU

I'm still using my Boss RE-20, does a mighty fine job of Rockabilly slapback and Sleepwalk. I don't really care if it's analog or digital or true bypass as long as I'm happy with the sound that comes out my amp!

– shakerAU


Me too.


you guys dont seem to care about signal loss from lack of a decent FET bypass....

Nope, not one bit

let alone true bypass or compander circuit?

Nope, don't care 'bout that either.

All I care is that it sounds good. The DanEcho, all by it's lonesome, sounds pretty good. With a Brain in front of it, man, it delivers in spades.

And it's dirt cheap, and built like a tank. What's not to love?

(Well, it really does chew through batteries like a hog through slop, and it does color the guitar sound. I keep it plugged into an AC adapter, though, and since I like the sound, I don't really care that it's colored a little)


How can a man of your geeked computer jean-ness just cop out like that with your guitar delay pedal? I hope you at least upgraded its knobs ;-)


Well, if you'ld make one & donate it his way I'm sure he wouldn't complain8-)


Ashley Kingman was using a Danecho with Big Sandy last night. He knows a thing or 2 about guitar, and can probably use anything he wants for a slapback. I am sticking with my Aqua Puss for the foreseeable future.


Ashley often shows up with whatever he can get for the gig as I've seen him with a rental fender deluxe reissue and tube screamer (volume high gain low) BUT.. make no mistake, when he can use his preference for playing he uses a custom cabinet made by Tksmith with a vintage Vox and neomag 15". His guitars are as custom as it gets too, so to say he prefers the cheapo stuff is a misnomer as too often what you are given in a backline is make do.

(please do not take my smart ass ribbings as something mean spirited, I'm only mean if you cut me off on the freeway with my kids in the car or tailgate me in the slow lane in my vintage buick)

ps. I am ready and willing to upgrade your Danecho, Baxter send it to me.


Nope, same knobs. I do think they're a bit on the cheesy side, but they work.

And I'm tellin ya, the thing flat sounds good (especially with the brain in front of it).

At the Nashville Roundup, I had the brain > dan echo > my little Dula amp, and a lot better players than me were really digging that setup. It is an awesome little setup. Clear as a bell, but with however much dirt you care to bring to it with your fingers.

I ain't saying it's the best delay pedal out there, but I think it's tough to beat for the price.

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