Miscellaneous Rumbles

We have a Triple Crown Winner!


Man what a hoss, I had a special feeling about American Pharoh, I felt like he would do it after watching him win the Preakness in the slop!


I knew he would do it...same as you.. he was strong going in, and it even looked like AP knew, nobody else in the field had game. A thing of beauty to watch.


I loved when the mic on the track picked up someone saying "holy shit," after he won.


Yeah, that was the jockey. He was pretty excited. Winning the triple crown is a tremendous achievement. One of the big highlights for me was seeing Secretariat's owner, Miss Penny Chenery, there to witness the occasion. Pharoah's time was second fastest ever, next to Secretariat. Great race. Beautiful horse.


We were at Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie, Texas, a Dallas suburb watching races. When they broadcast the Belmont, it was greatness!



Quite a feat! Now, he'll spend the rest of his life making baby horses and taking it easy. He's earned it. Congrats to the horse, rider, trainer and owner.

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