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REALLY liking Skreddy pedals with a Strat right now


I have such a love/hate relationship with Strats - after playing a P90 Gibson and an SSLVO 6120 they can sound a bit thin. I recently traded my parts-o-caster in towards a new CS Strat and right now I am loving it, and a big part of that is my discovery of Skreddy pedals.

Previously I have found that it's difficult to get a great dirty Strat tone without it getting too screechy or compressed. I loathe Tubescreamers with a passion! I hate that mid-range flatulent sound. I want a big, chunky, dynamic sound with a Strat.

Turns out that Skreddy has quite a few pedals which can turn a Strat into a big fat dynamic guitar. The Screwdriver is a fuzz which sounds like an overdrive with a Strat but even better is the Lunar Module. The beauty of these pedals is that they can get as big a sound as a great Big Muff but with way less fuzz and compression.

I've just ordered a Hybrid OD too - hybrid meaning it uses silicon and germanium transistors inside. Can't wait!

Is anyone a Skreddy fanboy like me??


I just watched some demos of the Lunar Module. Every one was playing a Pink Floyd track. Briefly confused, I soon worked out that this Lunar Module is intended to transport the user to the dark side of said satellite...

It's a bold and solid sound- substantial, especially at the bridge pickup. A Strat neck pickup can usually be made to sound nice but the pedal offers a positive shift in emphasis on the treble pickup that is very appealing.

Another great suggestion Jimmy, you really do have excellent ears.


Wow - thanks Ade! Funny thing is that I have always admired Dave Gilmour's guitar playing and especially the sounds he gets, but his style is about as far from mine as you could get. Still, the Lunar Module is a great OD/fuzz for a Strat.

I think my new Strat has higher output pickups than I am used to. So the Lunar Module sounds more like an overdrive at lower gain levels than it did with my previous parts-o-caster Strat. I tend to use dirt pedals at their lower dirt levels whereas my friends seem to dime the gain - I rarely do that! So with the LM and my new Strat I can get twang and bite. If I dime the gain I do get fuzz, but I can get that lovely vocal bridge pickup sound at low gain levels. In fact I can get the LM to sound clean if I pick softly, biting if I hit harder, just like my favourite ODs. And some wah-pedal-like tones if I hit high notes hard.

He is a clever fellow, that Skreddy bloke.


You're adept at spotting when a machine will do something else really well, outside of what you want it to do for you.

It's fair play to note and acknowledge when someone consistently gives strong advice, free from prescriptive insistence on complying with their own concept of what's 'right'.


Oh stop it! (blush)

Just received my new Skreddy Hybrid Overdrive and it's wonderful. It has two silicon trannies and one germanium (AC127) and it cleans up with the guitar's volume pot incredibly well. In fact I think it deserves it's own thread.

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