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Pyramid Polished Round Core String Opinions?


Anyone try these?

Pyramid Pure Nickel Wound Classics HAND POLISHED Round Core Electric Guitar Strings



yeah..they are great..old school pure nickel wrap rounds on a round core!..gdp'er toneman don butler sells 'em

equally great, if not better, thomastik bebops...

on a budget?..try usa made dr pure blues

the key is pure nickel wrap on round core..classic vintage



I tried the polished Pyramid hand-polished round core strings and liked them. However, the "un-polished" Pyramid round-core strings are just as good,and less expensive. My favourite strings.


Thanks guys for the input on this. I may just try them. I love flatwound strings and have them on my reissue Guild X-175 but the sound is not well defined, a bit dull. I know people say flats give a dull sound but to me I have to disagree. They give a thump and a smooth sound to most guitars, but on the X-175 it doesn't seem that way, not a thump or a smooth tone but a dull sound. So this guitar is the exception, so I may go to rounds and I may want to try the polished and maybe the polished Pyramids because AllModCons suggest them.


I've never tried the hand polished ones, but I have their regular nickel round core round wounds on my guitar right now and like them. But, honestly, I'll probably go back to solid nickel DR Pure Blues, also round core. I can't really tell the difference.


ghs makes a nice polished/burnished pure nickel round..the ghs burnished nickel rockers...on a thinner core for low tension..and the wraps are burnished for a "smoother feeling"...nice strings...



Funny, I just bought a pack of the polished ones today, to try out on my DeArmond-equipped guitar - that can use a little smoothing out.

I've been using the regular round pure nickel roundcores on my hollowbodies for years, great strings.


Walter looking forward to your take on these strings.

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