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Oh man, how did I miss this? I guess I wasn't around. OK, I'll play. But you do realize it's all pretty absurd and we're silly about this stuff, right?

Here's the Good Ship Titanic at the moment, surrounded by some tugs. Two of the overdrive/dirt spots are generally in flux (though the Wampler Clarksdale has stuck for almost two years, and while the Tri-Muff is "permanent" I'm looking for a more satisfying Muff, just for the retrograde prog moments when I try to get my Fripp or Howe on). The Ego is a recent swap-in in the upper compressor position, and I'm enjoying it immensely - but I wouldn't be surprised to see the Keeley or Diamond show up there again.

The SpinDoctor on the floor to the right would be on the board if it was big enough. I find I like mixing the gains and stacking the tones from both it and the SD TwinTube (I guess, from pedalboard longevity, my all-time favorite gainbox). But it won't fit.

The main board ends up in stereo going to matching Classic 30s (one tweed, one black, because - well, obviously).

The Comp Pro and Tim in front aren't part of the board - they're paired into another amp for testing purposes.

Wiring is a mess at the moment; I've been using a OneSpot for most of the low-draw pedals, another OneSpot just for the Boss looper (otherwise waaay too noisy), a separate Styrmon supply for each of the big Strymons, and the Seymour and the SpinDoctor each take their own. This has to end. Probably going Zuma. Maybe even a switching system to get all the pedals I'm not using out of the chain. (At any given time I'm not using many more than I use.)

This is, of course, a self-indulgent home entertainment system, not a practical gigging board (though with enough room for setup and time to tweak a little to the room, and if doing my material, it's functional).

If an amp has reverb, I really only need a tuner, compressor, the Atomic Brain, something for dirt, and maybe a delay. (A 301 would replace two of those.) But let's say to really cover bases I take the Flint, so I get my favorite modulation. What dirt? Probably the Seymour (though it's biggish), the Tim, or a Bad Monkey.


This is what I run as of late since I travel 200 miles round trip now each week to gig. Dr. Scientist Reverburator is cut out of the pict top left, I use it for plate verb only.

TC helicon voicelive II is for basic feedback control, compression, w control of verb, delay, tuner and basic doubling (thickener) no harmonizer ever.

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