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Overdrive Pedal honey bee / rat


He guys I am looking for a suitable overdrive pedal. I currently have 2 that I really like, a bearfoot honey bee that I use for rockabilly just to give my amp a little bit of a push and then I use a rat by monte allums for distortion playing rock n roll. I am looking for a pedal that will ideally have a switch for going from the low gain like the honey bee to the thick distortion like the rat. When using the rat I have the gain set at 50% max so I don't need tons of extra gain, just thickness that goes into distortion territory which the honey bee does not do. Is there anything like this out there, the only one that came up in my search was the wampler euphoria which has the low gain mode in open and the extra gain in crunch mode with the bass knob to make it thick. I was maybe thinking a bearfoot sparkling yellow or honey beest which is advertised as a honey bee with more gain but does it get into distortion or is it just higher gain overdrive, I've just briefly watched a clip but it did not seem to get there. Is there anything else that will fit the bill? I prefer pedals with side mount jacks if that helps. Thanks


Basically looking for a low gain OD that has a Distortion setting or maybe a rat with a low gain setting?


The Euphoria would be a good choice. There is also the Rockett Animal and the older version Blue Note which do that kinda thing. The Sparkling Yellow I don't think would suit you.

Not that it's relevant so much, but the Honey Bee is a much modified Rat pedal! So you seem to know what you like.

If you want one pedal I would suggest looking at the Rockett Animal. But another option might be to get two mini-pedals. One Control make some fantastic BJF-designed pedals, and the Strawberry Overdrive would be a good choice for a overdrive/distortion. They have heavier and lighter dirt pedals and if you got two you could dedicate one to heavier sounds and one to lighter and still not take up much space. The best thing about the One Control pedals is that not many people know what they are so you can sometimes get them really cheaply. I bought two - a Strawberry OD and a Purple Humper - for the price of one Bearfoot pedal, brand new.

Another option - and it's the option I use - is to have a light OD (mine is the Rockett Majestic) and push it with a dirtier pedal. In my case it's either the Strawberry OD or a Rockett Dude, but there are loads of options. If you already have a Honey Bee it makes a great booster into another OD pedal. A HB into an Animal would sound great. You get the low-end whack of the Animal with the big mids of the HB and more gain than either.



I've had many overdrive pedals and how good they sound varies greatly between dif guitars and amps. The honey bee is a really good pedal. Doesn't compress and is touch sensitive . This may be a good or bad thing depending on taste. The ts9 seems to make it so easy to fret notes and play... doesn't show up mistakes like the HBee. But also lacks dynamics.

I'd grab a hbee and see if it works for ya.


I was under the impression that he already has a Honey Bee.


Yea I have a honey bee and a rat, just Looking for something that'll do both in the same box. I was really interested in what you said about the HBee being a highly modified rat. I had no idea, I was just following my ears but I am a big gear nerd and find this very interesting.


oops. must have jetlag.


I haven't tried the jetlag.

BTW when you do get an OD which has a switch between high and low gain you usually get a leap in volume, so it's not just a case of setting it up to switch between gain levels.


This Big Tone Mosfet is a very cool pedal:

Two sides, boost and overdrive. Can be run separately or together. Really nice sound. Excellent controls, many ways to shape sound. Another two stage approach is Paul Cochrane's TIM pedal, which is so good I never end up holding on to other boosts, no matter how good they are. MD


Ubangi Stomp.... This what you need for your Gretsch


I tried out my pedals again last night and actually my rat is getting really close to the honey bee tones with the gain turned down. I did not remember the rat getting low gain like it did but I'm really digging it, this is actually suiting what I need. Sometimes the "best pedal" is the one in your gig bag!


It's cool to dig out your old gear and tweak it like you just bought it. Sometimes you do find out stuff about things you've had for ages which is cool. And it's free!

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