Other guitar-y things



Thx Pro...

This was the last piece of the puzzle needed to re-vamp the 6120


Good choice Twangster!


Hard to beat a Tru-Arc when fine tuning a Gretsch.

Just helps bring everything together.

Need some pics on the guitar.


I should be able to get it off to my local Luthier early next week...

Mud Switch being changed out for a No-Load Tone Pot and .022uF Oil-in-Paper cap per the TV Jones diagrams, shims under TV Classics to be knocked out to lower them a 1/16" or so. They were at spec where they were, just too fussy...for a dozen years or so.

If after I think the pups have gone too low, I'll space back up next string change with neoprene washers.


I'm not much of a string bender anymore, looking for crisp snap, pure sound, upstroke on that 3rd.

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