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Several years ago, I had this idea for a monogrammed strap. Lots of people have them, some elegantly made, but most of the time the lettering is made with those same Tandy leather stamps so despite the beauty of the leatherwork, the lettering usually looked the same as most others. So I thought I’d be different: My initials, but using two very recognizable versions of those letters.

I enlisted the help of a guitar tech friend who’s also a leather craftsman and told him my idea, he said he liked the idea, but then he moved and I haven’t heard from him since.

I shelved the idea, and then a couple years later I heard a family member talking about Etsy so I looked into it, and whaddya know, there are lots of custom guitar strap makers there, and quite a few who use a laser engraver and can burn the bitmap of your choice onto a guitar strap. I reached out to one, he was very friendly, and got the idea right off. I sent him the jpg files and in a few days I had exactly what I asked for. But not what I wanted. The initials were perfect, they were just too far up the strap to be visible when I wear it, unless you’re behind me, and then it’s upside down.

So I tried to contact the maker and have him make me another strap with the images in the right place. I made it clear I would gladly pay for a second strap. Crickets. Several times I reached out, never a response.

This was not a critical part of my life, so I let it go, for a couple of years, and then I thought about it again. I looked the guy up on Etsy again, still there, so I reached out again. More crickets. I started looking at other custom strap makers. They all look the same. Their ad copy is all the same. And they’re all in Canada. So I kept looking until I found a different one, still in Canada, but different ad copy. I reached out. And I made sure to specify the Y axis location of the images. He responded after a few days and said “Sure, I can do that!” And the next day I got the shipping notification. And yesterday it got here.

This time, just like I wanted. Of course my next thought was to have another one made and include my middle initial, an M. Martin is the obvious choice, but their logos don’t have a conspicuous M in them, except for that one they used in the ‘70s, but most people wouldn’t recognize it. Maton? OK, but I don’t own one. Marshall? Ditto. Maybe I’ll just be happy with what I have.


I love this! I don't have any tattoos but if I did, I would get the same thing (Fender F, Gretsch G) as a tribute to my love of guitars and my parents; Freeman and Gina.


That's really cool! And I just realized you and I share the same three initials. I may have to get something like that too, but I would use a different manufacturer for the M (Mosrite)


Mosrite! That didn’t occur to me, and I even used to own one. It’s got a good “M” in its logo to use, too. Great idea.


This thread gives me an idea. If we ever have another Roundup I'm going to get a few straps branded.


I love, beautiful everything you just posted!


It’s nice to have the right initials. Looks great. Congrats


Cool strap, Frank! I'm glad you finally found someone to do it right. That's a neat idea, and it looks great.

I have been tooling leather for about 20 years, and I've made a few guitar straps for myself. I enjoy doing roses, they're a fun challenge, but are very time consuming, especially when I use multiple colors. Here's one of my rose straps that made a few years ago.

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