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Yeah! Got a new delay today!

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My old EHDMM had been giving me problems so I went on a hunt for something a little different.


Well THAT is certainly different. I've had the chorus and the flanger, but never that delay. Hard to find!


Well... how does it SOUND :P


I've never seen one of these!! I guess we should have assumed there was a DM-1, but........ WOW! Great find!! Any idea what year this piece was from?


It's either '77 or '78.

EDITED: "The DM-1 was sold from January 1978 to October 1979."

They only made these for 18 months I've read. It sounds really really good. I got to try it briefly after work today(post office) but had to leave the studio to do some chores. Very organic and warm delay. I was messing around with some different settings and was able to dial in stuff I like easily but I'm looking forward to spending time with it tweaking the knobs. I've had a DM2 before and it reminds me of it. Different from the EHDeluxeMM for sure, which I'll always love... and try to fix.


Very cool Setzer! The one of eBay was it?


No not eBay. Thanks!


No not eBay. Thanks!

– Setzer

No not eBay. Thanks!

– Setzer

There was one around a week ago, had me curious...

Awsome looking pedal though, so vintage! :D

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