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NPD - Nocturne!


Just picked up this Dyno Brain in righteous hot pink sparkle. Number 364. Won't have a chance to plug it in tonight, but can't wait till tomorrow!


Congrats! Beautiful finish, I love pink. Mine has the red strip black rod finish.

Set your amp first to your preferred setting, then put the pedal on at 1o'clock, TOANZ! Adjust to taste. You won't turn it off, ever.


does it say "to Michael" inside?


does it say "to Michael" inside?

– Rockahippy

I'll take a look tonight. Was it a custom colour or did you do a whole batch like this?


I'm guessing it was originally built for Eve Hell, unless she added her name inside. What about the "4 BASS" - was this altered for bass and if so will it still be fine for guitar? I think this further confirms it was built for Eve, I think she normally is playing an upright bass.


But it sounds great! It was tough to really get a sense of what a dyno brain will sound like just from descriptions, but it's sort of like my amp had a wool blanket draped over it all along, and this removes the blanket. I love guitars that sound articulate and this cranks that up a notch or two. Definitely a keeper!


Its got to have a different EQ setup. Maybe hotter also ?? I got one ill trade ya for..its not as pretty but its set for guitar...


Ah wow! Yes it was an early idea of opening up the low end and increasing the impedance. I had good intentions but I hadnt learned enough at that point so ya its got some more gain and lets a bit more low end in the front, which by default made it more versatile for a number of guitars and amps while the regular dynobrain was somewhat focused on the filtertron;d guitar. I took my cues from that Bass edition for where I'd expand the circuit on the dynobrain. Consequently the current bass brain has been tweaked totally to include upright bass and even has an upper treble cut instead of a bass cut.. who wants a bass cut on a bass preamp?We now have 2 upright basses in the fold and a few bass amps.

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