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NPD: Nocturne Mystery Brain


Got my Mystery Brain in the mail a week ago...

All i can say is wow! This is the real deal. It's got that awesome vintage sounding slap back and goes way beyond that. The pre-amp is a huge plus, the Atomic Brains is a great unit and having it built in is real nice.

Overall I'm extremely pleased with it. When I play my Epi JA Custom the pre amp doesn't clip it i that ugly unmusical sounding way. That was my big complaint with my JHS Milkman, while it sounded amazing with a Tele and even a Gretsch but not so much with Classic 57 HB's. The Mystery Brain sounds great with all my guitars... very cool!


i have the atomic brain. makes a big difference to pluck on the bass notes which i think is lacking on filtertrons. love it!

please post a demo!


My Mystery Brain makes even me sound good!

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