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NPD - new Pick day!!


So, last year at NAMM I struck up a conversation with John Mick of Mick's Picks. Super nice guy, and he was kind enough to give me some of his "Orin" picks to try.

The Orins have a hole punched through them near the tip that gives extra flexibility while maintaining a relatively stiff grip. I liked the tone I was getting with the Orins, but they're a bit slick to hold for a sweaty type such as myself. I suggested adding some more holes to serve as a grip, and after various tests with a hole punch came up with this five hole "V-Grip" configuration, which John was kind enough to fabricate for me in three different thicknesses. He even put my "O-ZONE"/"V-GRIP" graphics on them.

A goodie bag of the new picks arrived earlier this week and I have to say, they came out even better than I expected - I'm really, really happy with them. Not only are they easy to hold, but the V-Grip makes the pick more flexible across the face, so I can bend it to increase or decrease the pick stiffness as needed. This is especially effective for me as I hold my pick between the tips of my thumb and first two fingers.

I'd been using Dunlop Nylon picks for over 20 years before I came across Mick's Picks at NAMM. Every so often I'd tried other picks but kept coming back to the Dunlops. For me, these new picks are the first ones that surpass them in control and tone.

A bit of a spiel, I know, but I'm really excited about these. Many thanks to John, and I'm proud to a Mick's Picks endorsee.

I'm not sure if he's going to make these a stock item, but if you're interested check them out at http://mickspicks.com/ FWIW, I have no financial interest here besides the package of picks he sent me.


I hear ya, I'm just as excited about Gravity 1.5mm acrylics. The first picks that dont spin between my fingers. They've got a model w little holes as well but that causes me OCD reverse pick spinning or something like that. Like that irritating person in the office clicking a ball point pen all day. I'll have to give mick's a spin :)

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