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NPD - Maxon AD-9 Pro


I picked one of these up at a price I couldn't refuse. I was also looking at the AD-999 pro but I couldn't justify the extra expenditure given how rarely I want more than 300ms delay.

Compared to my AD-80s:

The AD-80s have brighter repeats which I prefer, but when I'm playing I don't notice the difference in tone between the delays Noise levels sound the same to me The AD-80s let you make the repeats louder than the dry signal The AD-9 pro is true bypass The ad-9 pro runs off 9v, whereas the AD-80s need 18v The ad-9 pro has stereo outs The dual function on the ad-9 is kinda cool

Either one's a winner in my book.

Obligatory photo of my delays


I've had one for a couple of months, and I am a long-time owner of the 999.

I think the 999 was the best analog delay EVER, personally. With one problem I could not get over: it had a slight volume jump. That would be ok if it was a "always on" pedal (like for honky tonk or rockabilly), but I don't have "always on" pedals, so after many years, I sold it.

Got the AD-9 and it's not comparable... that's neither good nor bad, just different. The AD-9 has the same "sounds good no matter where you set it" character and the same "even with the mix at full the repeats never get in the way" character of the 999. The differences: the 999 is a little brighter and dirtier, the 9 is darker and murkier. The 999 actually has distortion on the repeats where the 9's repeats just degrade into syrup.

I MUCH prefer the standard footswitch on the 999; I'm not sure if I'm going to "get along" with the 9's footswitch over time... it's in the back row of my pedalboard, and it doesn't always activate when I hit it... due to it being at an angle already, and behind other pedals (flat on the floor, this wouldn't be an issue). Going to maybe try to put a pedal riser under ir and see how that does.

But the AD-9 Pro is great. (so is the AD-999). I know people go on about the Boss DM-2, but personally I prefer the Ibanez analogs (for non-modulated analog delay). Modulated analog delay is a whole 'nuther story...


I used a Maxon AD999 for a long time, had an AD9 pro for a while... Great delays, and i agree with what Ruger says. I do like my Boss DM2-W but the AD999 was way better than the old DM2.

But now I can't go past the TC Flashback Mini. I just love how tiny it is, how fantastic the slapback delays are and how punchy the tone is overall. Most delays have tone suck to some degree. I have found that even though you often can't hear it when testing after a while you notice that your tone isn't as punchy and clear as it should be. Take the delay out of the signal path and hey presto - your tone is back. I have an otherwise wonderful Maxon PDD1 delay like that. Whenever I have tested it the sound is great, but after a while it gets to you.

Well the TC Mini actually makes my sound better and punchier if that is possible. Easily the best for overall sound I have used. The analog settings aren't as rich as the AD999, but as I only use it for slapback who cares? If I ever need a rich analog sound I still have my AD999.

Anyway, enjoy the heck out of your AD-9 Pro. They are great.


i loved my old ad-80. never had the pro ad-9 (have often contemplated as they seem to have it all on paper)

To my ears, the 999 has the best slap-back sound i've ever heard on any analog delay... But it had a volume jump and robbed the mids out of my tone. This was especially noticeable with the fuzz pedal engaged. May have just been my setup but it was my experience...whether it was off or on.

My chain was a Gretsch with dynas a Rosac Nu-Fuzz and the Ad-999. i'm currently using a boss dd-2 and it is working well but keep hearing that the flashback is the best delay for not getting in the way of your tone so may have to grab one. Wonder what the flashback triple would sound like with it's multi-tap heads

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