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If you want small and inexpensive, I can't recommend the Mooer Re-Echo enough. It's got 720 ms delay time, the regular blend/repeat/delay knobs and a 3 way toggle to choose from real echo, analog, and tape echo. I leave mine on the tape setting because the subtle modulation sounds so good. The analog setting sounds analog, and "real echo" is more clean and ambient sounding


Why not a carbon copy.

– Strummerson

That's my thought too. Tried and true. Not the absolute cheapest, but you know you're getting a good product. I've futzed around with various delays over the years, mostly basing my decisions on reviews and forum tips. I'm far more satisfied with my Carbon Copy than anything else I tried. I should have just gone with the obvious from the get-go. But I don't have any fancy delay requirements, so I can see why it may not be the choice for everybody.


You really can't beat the Ibanez DE7 for a basic delay. It sounds as good as delays three times the price.

Slapback? Great.

Spacey? Great.

What else do you need?

If you have to have analog, get the Malekko 616 over the Carbon Copy. It sounds better and it has the modulation controls on the outside.


I don't mean to play the skeptic, but I think our friend Garrett may not be exactly human.

If you look through his history, every post is a request for opinions (or recommendations) on various categories of gear, with exactly three links to different products at different music stores (always sweetwater.com, musicsquare.co.uk, and muzyczny.pl), and never a follow up post. I don't know if this is some marketing bot on the prowl for roots-rockers spending/browsing behavior, or something more/less dubious. To be fair, the products linked are generally fairly relevant.

Garrett if I am wrong, I sincerely apologize. But I would just suggest telling us more about yourself, or maybe providing more information than products to purchase when you do chime in.


I had the same thought.


TC Echobrain is a good, quiet analog delay. Form factor is nice- not too big or too small, jacks on top, knobs spread out enough.


I'm not a pedal guy, but for some reason I'm always after delays. Ive been real curious about the Boss dm2w, ive heard nothing but good things. My aqua puss used to be my favorite, but with my 53 vs jet and Princeton it seems harsh and adds this high end whine that I'm not digging, I think I need something darker and smoother


and original DM-2 is the best, I've done shootouts of pretty much every pedal on the market and the DM2 always wins (to my ear).

...but in the budget category the carbon copy definitely came the closest.


Good to see a Mooer, I feel like they don't get the credit they deserve, I love my ReEcho. So the ana-echo is supposed to be a DM2 clone?


I bought an EHX Memory Toy from someone here a few years ago. It's an analog delay and I love it.


Howdy! You owe it to yourself to at least "try" HOTONE modeling tape delay, the "green one"! It is super tiny and rock solid. It has 3 different options - analog, digital, and reverse. I don't think you will find a smaller one. And they are worth the money! I do have a vintage Echoplex EP2/3 tube-tape echo so I've heard the "real" thang!! This little pedal is pretty durn good! I was surprised myself!! Good luck with your search. I know you can't just "buy'em all" and keep the one you like. But you can test drive a few to help you make up your mind, and that's what I suggest. You might want to try a real music store instead of Guitar Center since it might be quieter and you can hear better. You can see and hear some good trials on YouTube too! Hope you get a good'un! Thanks, Steve


Great suggestions guys. You may be talking to a robot and apparently that doesn’t bother us. And why not, everyone’s welcome here.


Great suggestions guys. You may be talking to a robot and apparently that doesn’t bother us. And why not, everyone’s welcome here.



– Dr. Buddy Mercury

Videos like this are MUCH more useful to me than any of those “Andy” videos.


Robots are people too.

Haven’t we all seen guitarists robotically playing the same stuff over and over, trying to replicate exactly the thing we’ve heard hundreds of other robots playing?

If delay is an important part of that sound, who are we to judge?


I need good, natural delay...

But wait! Funny how we just skip right by that term, assuming it refers to, you know, good ol' "organic" tape or "analog" delay. Or, in perspective, a kind of echo that came to mankind after several thousand years of literacy and increasingly precise investigation of the material universe, built on centuries of science and about 200 years into an industrial revolution, and only decades into our manipulation of electronics. That sounds natural. Doesn't that sound natural? (In the same way that since humanity is part of the natural order, anything we do is by definition...natural?)

Then...why aren't plug-ins in a DAW natural?

I'm thinkin', you want natural delay...go find a rock-rimmed canyon. You can adjust delay time by standing closer to one of the walls. You can sing or bang rocks and sticks together. No musical instrument is quite natural, but if you want to play a harp, a psaltery, or a gut-string guitar, you can bend the rules. I don't know how you're going to record it though.

Now I've got myself thinking that ALL delay effects (as we know them) are robotic. Though I do have some delays that randomize well enough that they don't sound robotic.

(Here I digress. We would consider a robot who introduced random variations into its program to be malfunctioning - though in some use cases we might like the result. We probably wouldn't like it in, say, a robotic surgical tool - any more than we like it in our computers, where we automatically/instinctively/ROBOTICALLY blame bugs for apparent variation from expectation even when we just don't know exactly what our ham-fisted flailing and clicking are telling the computer to do. BAD ROBOT, we say.

But if we program our robot to vary randomly, and then it does so, isn't it in fact being dutifully robotic?)

In my case, delay is completely natural. Tardiness is an inherent part of my nature. In fact, you can be sure I'm delaying now, because I'm spewing pointless sophomoric navel-gazing pseudo-philosophical drivel on the GDP rather than do-doing today's to-do list, ta da...


OK, and anyway, about "Carbon Copy." In this context, referring to a delay pedal which in fact replicates the behavior of...a tape delay, right?

It's a funny term, "carbon copy." At least for me, an old enough whacker to remember using both carbon paper and mimeograph machines, I realize it was originally meant to imply a PERFECT copy. Which is funny, because those of us who remember the actual physical media know it was never a perfect copy. It was always a degraded copy. We accepted it because it was the best we could do at the time, and it was (generally, at least at first) legible enough to communicate its content. And we knew, instinctively, that the more carbon copies we tried to make at once - or the more we copied a copy - the more the copies degraded.

This in fact is a perfect analog-y (see what I did there) for the way tape delay - or the Carbon Copy pedal - work. Each delay is more degraded (though in the case of the pedal, it took clever programming to get the robot to make copies of progressively lower fidelity).

But one of the crucial tools I used in my Mac-wranglin' dayjob is a backup utility called "Carbon Copy Cloner." I expect the name was chosen because of the cacophonous alliteration of the three Cs. But it's a damn odd name for something doing the task I rely on it to accomplish - which is to make a truly PERFECT bit-for-bit copy of the data on a hard drive. I do NOT want progressively degraded "carbon" copies. I want second (and third and fourth) originals. I'm not sure I even want clones, because experience has shown that they're subject to random variation and mutation as well.

And in fact, we are all living carbon-based copies proving that perfect copies are in fact very UNnatural.

Which brings me full circle, I guess: a "natural" copy mutates from the original.

Would it be a bad robot who made a perfect duplicate?

As I've now started nibbling my own tail, I'll stop before I swallow myself and disappear. I think I'm done here. Thanks for keeping me company.


Yeah but...robot as in ‘not a real person wanting to discuss delay pedals’

The first poster is perhaps just an attempt to get us to buy products

Very happy to discuss delay pedals of course. Just thought it was a bit odd that folks wanted to offer their valued experience and opinions to someone who was basically an advert for sweetwater.


Oh, I know. I got that point. Great observation on Otter's part about garrett. I hadn't noticed. I'll probably be easily taken in by truly human-like androids.

Shoot, I'm looking forward to it!

I was just riffing on robots, language, and concepts around "duplication."

garrett is clearly a bad robot, a disembodied algorithmic automaton going around mindlessly engaging humans on his unknown master's behalf.



– Dr. Buddy Mercury

seriously NOT the same.. I bought two of these rinkidink things and put them in a side by side w the Boss DM-3.. The Boss leaves your signal quite nice, not so w the Ana echo. Had 2 other friends say the same. If you cant hear the difference then you shouldnt spend 2,000+ on a gretsch guitar.:)

In fact Mooer, Donner and Joyo, these are all suspiciously the same product. Joyo is one of the bigger ones.. aroma and tomsline are shenzen grand exploits technology of Guangdong china ... I can have them under my own label by signing a contract to purchase in quantity. so are biyang for that matter. joyo, eno, and rowin are out of Guangdong too ... how many individual factories do you suppose operate in Guangdong churning out guitar effects pedals? Check Alibaba for having a line of pedals w your own name screened on them.

Boss and MXR ARE affordable QUALITY.. to place between your big bucks guitar and amp. What do you think Garrett the Bot?


Actually hate robots. Damn meddling scientists. Soon as they made electricity we got the electric chair before we got light bulbs. Split the atom, made bombs, invented plastic and choked the planet. Now they’re messin with delay pedals.

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