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NOD — too kool


Well New Organ Day here -- just roped in this killer clean Vox Continental just a few towns away. I have had a few of these -- but this is best one so far. Most know that these weren't rugged or reliable even when new, so finding a clean working one -- had to jump on it.

Of course it was the sound of the British Invasion, and then some late 60s US groups, then uncool for most of the 70s until New Wave types started using them again. Now in 2020, most people will just use a Nord.

Organ on a guitar board -- if it's associated with Thomas Vox -- I am all for it.


Oh that's too cool! Congrats!


That is, without a doubt, and I say this with no fear of being ridiculed, groovy.


I love the Italian compact organ sound! That one looks to be a gem.

I have had a few Farfisas and still have a mini compact upstairs that I will eventually try to troubleshoot and get working again.


As combo organs go, Vox Continentals a Jaguars were right at the top. Didja get the Vox volume pedal that goes with it? I'd've preferred one over my Farfisa (the calliope from Hell) but---$. Still, after getting a Hammond, I didn't look back. Now, my back reminds me of one advantage of a combo organ.


Yes this came with the volume pedal, and cases, everything. I prefer the plastic key feel over the earlier wood key ones

The time and place where I'm from Farfisas were way more popular and common than Jaguars and Continentals.. but then back in those days a Guild Starfire and Ampeg Gemini were more sought after than an Esquire and Deluxe Reverb. Life was different then.


VOX...It's what's happening, baby!


I was halfway between Chicago and Kalamazoo. You must've been on the East Coast.


Is it regular scale?


Super cool.


Nice! I played in a band off and on for years with a guy that had Vox Jaguar. I love that sound.


For me it's all about the Standells


And don't forget Sir Douglas

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