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Nocturne Mystery Brain Settings


Just wondering how everybody is setting their MB-301's? Would love to see some pics, tricks, tips, etc. There were some great diagrams posted here a few years back on various El Capistan settings, we need something similar for the MB!


My de facto setting has been all 4 dials across the top set @ NW, No Bass Cut, No Chorus, then both the Echo and Preamp ON, No Abby.

I'm still figuring when to use the Chorus, but it always seems to sound best with the Depth matching the Time for same position.

My Super Bass Amp has rather simple Tone Controls, so sometimes if I dial in a thicker sound I'll use the Bass Cut a little bit...


This is how mine is set. I engage all three switches and leave it on at all times if I’m playing anything with Filtertrons. I play thru a 68 Custom deluxe reverb reissue with the volume around 4.

Depending on the room, or how I feel on any particular day, the preamp knob may move up or down a notch.

Sometimes when I plug in my Tele with TV Jones Starwood Tele pickups, I shut off the preamp, turn my amp up to 6, and just use the MB for echo. The tele sounds good with the preamp, but with the deluxe reverb, it’s already magical.


The regular Brain is on all the time, I engage Abby mode for most solos, and the echo on any song where echo is appropriate. As for the settings, I'm still playing with them to see what I like best.


This sounds best to me when adding the Chorus...Speed facing East, Bass Cut facing East, Depth NW like the others...

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