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Nocturne Family Grows!


My Nocturne pedal family has grown with the arrival last week of the Nailhead tremolo and the Ubangi Stomp. I had to wait until today to take a photo, cause my wife went to Beijing for a week and borrowed my camera! I’m loving both these new pedals, only had a short time to play with them so far (work commitments been taking up all my time) but should have some free time this coming weekend. Thanks, Tavo. Ubangi really rocks, and Nailhead really throbs!


Tavo needs to make a Delay and you'd be set!


A DM-2 or DM-3 clone. That'd be sick. (I know, I know...can't get the chips. Still, I can dream).

Awesome collection though, you need to throw them on a PT Jr. or Nano or something.


Yeah, pedalboard real estate is a problem for me. I have a PT-PRO that is completely full with only the Billy Brain on it so far. I'm going to have to cull some pedals (unlikely!), or get another PT devoted entirely to Nocturne pedals with plenty of additional space for Tavo's next inventions! :)


Oh no! I'm gonna have to make more room! 8-o


An all-Nocturne PT-2 would be sweet. Do you have an all-nocturne demo board, Tavo? Your pedal line is really growing...


WOW that looks cool! The cooler nocturne look for me! 8-)


I think I can speak for all Nocturne users when I say that we're all jealous.

At some point, once I get my planned Gretsch, the next change up to my rig is replacing the Voodoo Labs Tremolo pedal with a Nail Head.


But wait, there's more! Another new addition arrived this morning. I'm going to have to wait until tonight to try it out! Thanks, Tavo for the special color scheme, love your work!

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