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Nocturne Dyno Brain


Look what's in my mailbox!


Yeah it's reliced, couldn't bring myself to step on that beautiful paint work.

These things are seriously built!


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Curt it was the early ones like my lime green on my board that you had to worry about or better said be careful with because it was the automotive finish. The pink one has a lot sturdier finish on it.

The funny thing is the pink one I was supposed to get turned into what I think is Tavo's first relic job. He went to touch something up and futzed it up instead. He ended up putting a relic finish on it. That one looked pretty cool but I got the pretty one.

Yours looks to be like the boss's two daughters. One's pretty but the other one is a bit rough around the edges and a lot more fun to hang with.


Also watch out for his LEDs! They can put out an eye!


A couple of quick observations.

I don't like pedals because they're complicated and they transistorize what you're playing and affect the signal too much. For the short time I played this is seems to add clarity and doesn't screw up and get weird polyphonically. I told Tavo I'm not a pedal person and his response was this is the pedal for you, he's right. Simple to dial in and compliments the Gretsch guitar / Fender amp marriage.


Huh...Reliced...cool. Makes me wanna scratch mine.


I just got my Dyno yesteray.

Allow me to post a small review:

I was one of the 1st to get a Nocturne (#008), and gush about it on here. With the Dyno, Tavo has upped the ante. I do like it slightly better with my Hot Rod (leaner is better when dealing with an open-back combo), but LOVE it with the tele. I said before the Noc Classic was a cool clean-ish boost/mild amp-pusher/drive, but the Dyno now does that IN SPADES. For someone looking to take an amp, especially a non-MV one, and make it sound like it's turned up several notches (which can't be done to volume constraints), the Dyno totally rocks. No compression, just open warm lovely grittiness.

I've had several "clean boosts" in my time... RC Booster, Flying Dragon, Klon, and a few others I can't remember, and while I can't say the Dyno is "better" (because they all do what they do well), I do PREFER it... 2 knobs, killer paint, and does the "magic filtertron thing" to boot. It won't kick my FD2 off the board (lovely compressed thick smooth drive), but I'll never look for another "more" pedal.


I like mine alot. I have no trouble at all when switching from filters to dynas or fender single coil type pickups.



Just curious, has anyone tried these with Hilos yet?


A properly relic'ed pedal needs electrical tape to hold it together.


dang.. I thought I had it covered.. better change one knob for a radioshack special then. :)


No man, maybe no knob....


how are you gonna get the old chalky marks on the electrical tape?
Just dont relic the inside, I really care about that part working along time. :)

btw... thank you guys for sharing your thoughts about the preamp, even concerns are fun. After a while you go nuts in that hot old shop wondering what youre doing. this relic was fun and broke up the monotony


@Ruger9 I dont take this dyno retrofit review lightly because you are in the same freaky geeky pedal league as me. We loooove guitar pedals and the more the merry! I hope to get a nice version of a dallas arbiter rangemaster at some point. ever try one of those in an already snarling amp?

@setzer ..man the censuring is roough around here :)


a rangemaster is nearly god-like into a snarly amp! It's not very nice either, those things pack a punch. The Nocturne tamed some of the volume, but the punch was still there! I'm surprised I never tried one of these before a nice overdrive sound by its lonesome, feed a an od or fuzz and it has a nice lead tone. Ofcourse this is into a Vox/marshall amp. I'm wondering how it will sound into a hot n greased up bassman?

I can't wait until I can get my hands on a Dyno.

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