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NGD, not a Gretsch but #38 join the group


I was just visiting in my local music store and I came home with this... :o (Limited to 100 guitars)


Yes, a Slash signature model. Anacondaburst. There are only 100 guitars, which Slash has signed (back of the headstock). Mine is # 38.

It was really odd feeling, when my wife noticed that this one is signed. Everything was a slowmotion then... usually we don't see any special guitars here in Finland. Everything a little bit rare has to buy from foreign countries and usually I'm not that lucky or wealthy. So it is like a lottery win to me. I'm still thinking "am I dreaming and soon somebody wake me up".


Congrats Sunshine!

I quite like that Anacondaburst,nice.


Thanks, JC! Nice AAA top indeed. Reminds me of Cadillac green color.

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