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Stay away from the #1 echo, it is a delay and not a reverb. Also it has a weird gain structure/blend issue.

You can't go wrong with a Hall of Fame 1 or 2. A ton of different great sounding reverbs for a decent price. Also a lot of them are floating around used.


I say ya can't go wrong w/ the EH - nano Holy Grail.


I got a new (used) Little Kahuna for myself this Christmas! Awesome!


Not cheap ($225), but the best I've heard so far.


I love my Flint, but I can't really speak for a lot of other pedal reverbs. I've heard people speak highly of the MXR Reverb, which is more affordable.


I like the Keeley Omni reverb. It's an exclusive that you can only get at Sweetwater, though. Not super cheap at $129, but it has Room, Spring, and Plate, and does them all very well. Hall of Fame has a ton of options, but sounded sterile, IMO. Mooer and Danelectro have some cheap, but decent pedals, too....don't know if they have reverb, though.


I have tried and sold a bunch and I love my Strymon Flint and my Cataliinbread Topanga. I have never tried an actual tank (like the LittleKahuna).


i like the Earthquaker Devices Ghost Echo. don't be deceived by the name...it's a lovely-sounding verb i leave on all the time.


A good outboard tank is pretty much the only way to get that super wet, drippy, "surf" reverb (Tavo's Nocturne F-Bomb, Zoom Big Kahuna are amazing). Pedalwise, the Topanga comes close. The Boss '63 gets the "drip" but has too many other shortcomings IMO (doesn't do well w/ OD / Distortion pedals; way too much high end, digital artifacts, etc). The good news is that there are a few pedals that do a really nice emulation of "in amp" spring reverb. The Strymon Flint (which also includes three different killer tremolo effects, incl Magnatone style harmonic) is terrific. The 60's reverb sounds as good as the best in-amp 'verbs (with more tone tweaking options) and the 70's and 80's reverb options are excellent also.


Virtually all digital reverbs stink, IMO. Two exceptions are the Topanga mentioned above and the TC Electronic Nova Reverb. I wanted to like the Strymon, but it fell short of my expectations. The T Rex is OK — definitely the best of the ones you're considering — but also just shy of acceptable to my ears.

If you want a true spring reverb at a reasonable cost, the VanAmps SoleMate (and SoleMate Jr.) are superb. There is also an outboard unit called Surfy Bear that seems to be absolutely fantastic, but I haven't played one: https://www.surfyindustries...

And naturally, there's the classic Fender Reverb tank. Sounds great, but it's a bit of a tone-sucker and it's awfully large.

The Kahuna is possibly the best of all, but it's very expensive.


I love my Hall of Fame. Very versatile and quiet.


I'm liking the Digitech Polara, especially its Plate and Spring emulations.


Subdecay Super Spring, IMO better spring than the Catalinbread and has a great room setting. Really tweakable reverb.

A little more expensive than the pedals you listed but you should be able to find one used on reverb or ebay for around $100-$150.


If you want small, practical, not crazy expensive (not cheap either though) and you mostly want some air and ambiance, get the Dunlop. It's very easy to use, and is a high quality pedal.

If you very specifically want authentic, "retro" sounding spring reverb but the real tube outboard thing is too bulky/expensive/hight maintenance, get the Surfy Bear unit. It's half the price of a reissue Fender outboard tube tank, and it actually sounds better than Fender's current "real thing" offering. It's all I use any more, my tube units are gathering dust at home.

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