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Neo Ventilator II (3 years in)


I've owned mine for nearly 3 years and am still amazed at how great a pedal this is. You would think a Leslie-type pedal would be a great addition for a few songs but I find that I use mine much more often.

The "drive" is gritty and the chorus-like "slow" settings are ideal for a slight bit of warble and the "fast" (just perfect). Having all the other parameters - mic distances, etc are just icing on the cake. Yes you can get most everything out of the mini-vent, etc but once you get a taste of just how good it sounds with a Gretsch, you may want all the bells and whistles.

By far the best pedal purchase I have ever made. How about your experience with a Gretsch and a Vent? any favorite settings?


I have been tempted by these for a few years... still I wish Boss would make one in their conventional design. But it's the one I would go for ... but first I am about to shell out for a Boss vibrato reissue.


I really want one now. Damn! What exactly does the Mini compromise on?


I was just playing along to “Stormy” by the Fireballs. Great Leslie tones there.

Proteus: Too funny! He’s right though, set it and forget it for the most part on the extra knobs, secondary settings.


Knob count.

– Proteus

Proteus, what is your take on the Vent? Isn’t it way more versatile than expected?

It seems to cover a lot of modulation needs for me and is straight away my favorite sounding modulation effect.

I don’t have a chorus, a phaser, vibe or flanger on my board, just “SurfyTrem” tremolo (I love the brown face side best with Gretsch’s), Xotic wah and the Ventilator (old school).

When I’m using the Ventilator, it’s basically the only pedal On. Nothing else needed.


Here’s my board. Expecting a Fulltone Ranger (treble booster) soon to compare with the Swart Atomic Boost


Well, I've never heard one in person - but it certainly reads like there's a ton of versatility. (I like the ability to cause motion sickness by moving the virtual mics stupidly close, or make things more subtle by pulling them back).

For the most part, I have so many digital options at my disposal that I don't obsess about finding the the absolutely very best option for effects I don't depend on, like, all the time. Like you, that includes chorus, phasing, vibe, and flange - all effects I made myself sick on decades ago and which don't figure in my no-expense-spared core tone.

I have rotary speaker sims in the Stryrmon Mobius (my home base for miscellaneous "generic" modulations since I got it), Eventide H9, Helix, and several other pedals - not to mention iOS apps. Many of them are very good, and certainly way more than adequate for occasional use.

But I like a ghostly touch of subtle animation in my tone, almost all the time. Not something anyone could identify as such, just a kind of enhancement that is apparent only when it's turned off. I've always thought I wanted that to be pitch vibrato, slow and shallow - and I come close to something I can leave on (almost) all the time, both from the Mobius and another couple of sources. But they're almost. Still something about them wears on me over time - and since I'm asking them to be almost invisibly subtle, any of their minor bad habits which would disappear in a full-blown application of the effect (like the rubbery midrange shift and bass depletion so many vibes cause) ...turn into intolerable princess peas.

Various flavors of trem and pitch vibrato are my favored mods, and I have those covered at the highest quality I can imagine. And I just don't care much about chorus, phase, flange, or Univibe. But what I read about the Ventilator suggests that, in addition to full-on glorious rotating Leslie, it may impart that subtle animation I'm looking for without calling attention to itself or adulterating my core tone.

Along with that, the fact that people use it instead of the rotary sim built into the Nord keyboards is impressive. I have an Electro 3, and have never considered its Leslie deficient in any way. If the Vent is better than that...it's an extraordinary device. All reviewers seem to agree.

I'm just a sucker for best-in-category toys, especially if it could become (almost) as core to my tone as a great compressor or the Atomic Brain. And since it could be double-use (with the Nord), there's that.


What's w/ the 2 Echoplex stompers?


One is the EP preamp, the other is the EP delay effect. It's either clever or greedy of whoever makes them to split it into two boxes.


One is the EP preamp, the other is the EP delay effect. It's either clever or greedy of whoever makes them to split it into two boxes.

– Proteus


I keep it on the board because it sounds awesome when I want a warm boost set just above unity with just the delay, not essential but no other boost meshes with the delay like this one. It’s Off much of the time or obviously with any other gain pedals or the Ventilator. It definitely adds a bit of “air” (space) and mids to the delay but not too much. Very natural sounding boost with almost a subtle “room” type reverb accent.

sometimes you just want a “dry” tape delay sound without the Preamp, glad it’s separate in a way.


The Ventilator (or Leslie effect) doesn’t make me seasick like most modulation effects. It’s weird that way, seems more natural to my ears. The Level also boosts the signal a bit in a very good way.

I think the Nocturne would be very close to the Preamp pedal.

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