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New Custom Speaker Cab Day

Some years ago I bought a Weber Thames 15", 8 ohm, 80-watt speaker from Tavo, along with another speaker that I ended up reselling, and promptly forgot about this one. But I found it, still in its shipping box, whilst cleaning up the music room, and decided I needed to put it in a cabinet and see what it sounded like. But I already have an Eminence Big Ben in one 15" cabinet, and the Peavey open-back cab has a Black Widow in it that sounds pretty nice, so I didn't want to mess that up. So with some of the proceeds of a recent pedal purge, I had my friends over at Greg's Pro Audio build me another cabinet. I love these guys, they can build anything, they use all the good ingredients (birch plywood, Switchcraft jacks, tolex in your choice of colors, etc.) and you can get it pretty much any way you like. So I had them build this one like the others they've made for me, closed back with a removable panel in case I ever want to have it open-back, and a powder-coated mesh grill on the front.
It arrived today, so off to work on it I went.

Fresh out of the box:

Ready for assembly:

Included hardware:

Feet first:

Removable panel:

Panel removed:

The speaker:

Speaker's in:

Screws in:

Wiring matters:


Grill's on:

Back panel reinstalled:

All done:

I don't know how much use Tavo gave it before he sold it to me, but it sounds purdurn good, not as bright as the Big Ben, but a great tone nonetheless, and it will likely improve with time. It pairs well with my Quilter InterBlock at 33 watts. And about 45 minutes of assembly, if that. Fun times.


since it's sealed, maybe a decent bass cab also?

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