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NCD - Mono M80 Dual Acoustic/Electric Gig Bag


Just took delivery of a Mono M80 Dual Acoustic Electric Gig Bag. This thing is sweeeeeet. I can haul my 6120RHH and my Tele around together in comfort and ease now. I just had to add a small pillow/cushion underneath the neck joint of the 6120 becuase the case can accommodate a body depth of 4.5" where the 6120 is only 2.75".
It's water resistant and built like a tank. Very comfortable when worn as a backpack.



That looks wonderful. My true wish, though, is to have a good reason to buy one, like a gig. But if I was a working musician I couldn't afford one.


Yeah, they ain't cheap, but I have the model for two solidbodies and it's the best I've used. I can fit my two Reverend Tricky Gomez semi-hollows in it (a little snugly) but it still does the job. I got mine used so it wasn't quite as much of a wallet wallop.

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