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Nailhead’s Back on the Board


After a protracted absence from my pedalboard, and through no fault of Tavo's, my Nailhead is finally back on the pedalboard where it belongs.

Tavo offered to do a couple of tweaks, nothing major, and after I unplugged it, it took me about a month to finally box it up and send it back to him. I used a Dano CoolCat tremolo as a surrogate, but I'm really glad to have the Nailhead back. Thanks, TV!


If only you got one of the pretty white ones!


Why don't I have a Nailhead? Tavo, can I get a Nailhead?

Actually, a STEREO Nailhead?


Well you could buy two of them. Proteus.

I almost forgot to post what it all plugs into now. Another craigslist find:

It's already been modded so channels 1-3 are suited to guitar, and I can plug the synth into channel 4. Plugged into my 15" cab it sounds pretty dang good. And did I mention LOUD?


i like stereo... pedal boards are getting larger&larger just a matter of time..... rack revival! ;-)


You would think that with only one working ear (I'm completely deaf in the right ear) I would save money on non-stereo, mono things like gear and recordings. Not so. :( Ear phones just mock me. At least the Beatles Mono mixes were always better than the stereo.8-)


But a pair of non-stereo Nailheads wouldn't throb in synchronous symmetrical you-ebb-while-I-flow coordinated tandem - becoming, I'll admit, something more like auto-panning than twemewo.

And, I suppose, one might enjoy and/or induce trance states via the complex random patterns one might get from having slightly different rate settings on either side of the stereo divide (and one WOULD have slightly different rate settings even if one were trying not to, wouldn't one, because this is all analog and it's not like I could just dial up the same millsecondial numbers on the millisecond dial).

(Like, when stopped at traffic light, did you ever notice whether the turn-signal flashers of the cars ahead of you were synchronized, and analyze how two which were almost-but-not-QUITE at the same rate might synchronize for a few flashes, and then get increasingly out of sync, then think how that could be applied either to polyrhythms in a song or to time modulation in effects? Me neither.)

However, a clever building like Tavo could put two Nailheads in the same case and, via mode switching, allow: • independent and separate control over both rates and depths, or...
• synchronized control over both, in phase, or...
• synchronized control OUT of phase (so A rose while B sank).

ALSO, to make this appeal to a wider audience than just stereo geeks, the box could double as a splitter, feeding two different amps, and a feller could have different (or identical) twemewo settings to each.

You see what I'm saying.

THEN it would need output level controls on both sides - a good idea anyway as overall average level generally drops when tremeloting (since your signal spends half its time being decreased).

Then I'd replace the Dunlop stereo trem which is otherwise planted on my board.


A friend of mine won a Nailhead at the 2012 Northern California Roundup. Reportedly, he really loves it.


Tim, I love to play with the polyrhythms caused by the windshield wipers going in and out of sync with the music or the blinkers.

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