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MXR Script Dyna Comp - Updated and Reissued


Just picked up one of these little beauties. Unlike the hand wired reissues offered for a brief time a few years back, this one is built on a PC board. It sports an LED and the original CA3080 metal can IC that apparently offers quieter operation, a more transparent sound and increased dynamic range than current issue ICs. Though these particular ICs have been out of production since the eighties, MXR has procured a batch of them and is producing this limited run of pedals. I do wonder just how "limited" this supply is, since they also use them in their Custom Comp - a very close relative to the Dyna.

Compared to the hand wired version, this one is not susceptible to picking up radio frequencies, which was a problem for the original version as well. Aside from that, it is definitely quieter. Certainly up to unity gain, after which it can add some hum/noise. Still, nothing that other comps don't do once pushed past unity.

Sonically, the MXR Script provides the classic Dnya tone, squish, attack, sustain and mojo that we've all come to love (or hate). It's as close as you will ever get to hearing an original (unless of course you actually own an original). If you are a chicken picker, or a connoisseur of the Steely Dan school of studio rock, this is your baby. Love mine. It's a keeper with a capital K. Get one before they are gone. At least, don't say I didn't warn you...


BTW, there is very little info on this current issue. I'm not sure whether or not it sports a true bypass switch. To my ear, it seems to. There is no signal loss that I can hear when the effect is off. Still that could be simply the result of new circuitry as opposed to TB. I'll let you know if I can figure/find this out...


I saw those came back out and wondered how they were. I had the Script version from a few years back, and was not impressed. All of the traits you listed were certainly alive and well in mine. I also hated not having an LED, although you could "hear" when it was on. My wife gave me a current production block logo version last year. It's not bad. It is "close enough" to the classic sound and not as noisy as ones I've tried in the past. I'd like to get a more transparent compressor one day, but it will probably be a Keeley or Barber. Thanks for the info.


Hi Mark. I too tried out the current production model for a few days last year, and as you said, it's not bad at all. Actually, it was better than I expected it to be. Still, it was different enough from the Dyna Comp of old that I once owned, and could still hear in my head, that the newer version couldn't quite win me over. The new script reissue is more "vintage" sounding (in a modern sense) than even that hand wired one of a few years back. Definitely more transparent - frequency range wise - than the other two of which we speak. There is a nice clear punch in the lows and mids that is missing from the block model, which also tends to go into over-compression a touch too soon for my taste. Even the highs in the new model are a touch rounder. Overall, a great update...


Just before this little topic drifts into oblivion, I will add that I picked up the Dyna purely as second comp to use at home. I wanted access to that sound purely for my personal enjoyment. I've never found Dynas to be particularly effective on stage and it will not be replacing my Maxon CP9Pro+ on my pedal board. However, for recording and practice, a good Dyna is an excellent piece to have on hand.

Also, the new series is rather expensive, comparatively speaking, and so may not be considered great value by most in a world of so many fine choices. Still, I definitely recommend it if you wish to revisit the sounds of yore. Nothing else quite hits the mark like an "original", but this one certainly satisfies. G'Day everyone...


Quick post-honeymoon update:

Been working with this little beauty (at home) for a couple of weeks now, and I must say that my initial impressions have merely deepened. The gentle sustain and warm presence that you can coax out of this thing are nothing short of sweet and classic. Good work MXR!


When i use a compressor, which is not often, and usually with a Tele, my pedal is a Maxon. It does a reasonable job of getting me close to the chicken pickin' sound in my head as long as I hold up my end by playing half-way decent licks. The effect sometimes seem a bit subtle, however. For the most part when I have a job playing country, subtlety isn't exactly my goal. Have you tried the Dyna Comp in a live setting yet?

I'm interested in a bit more "over the top" sort of sound than the Maxon wants to give. Do you think the Dyna will go in that direction?


Actually, the Dynas are known for their "over the top" compression effects. This one can easily replicate those sounds. Indeed, that's what made these boxes famous. I too have a Maxon - the CP9Pro+ - which I keep on my board for "live" work. Essentially, it is a dbx in a box, and is an incredible circuit as well. Though definitely more subtle in flavor than the Dyna.

The thing I love about the Script reissue is that it's subtle settings can be almost as transparent and modern sounding as the Maxon, but it still maintains that cool Dyna sustain envelope. And in the more aggressive settings...well as I've already said.

BTW Viper, I'll be trying out the Dyna with my band at an upcoming practice session. I'll let you know how it feels using it "live"...


Great report, general. My wife got me the block version, and I will keep,it for that reason. I'd consider the new script version if it did the traditional squish way better. I think I'll keep the block version and search for a more transparent, always on version as well. Thanks for the reports!

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