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Multiple Repeats from a Deco


Last year I did a lot of experimentation with cassette tapes, and ended up making my own tape delay with a cassette deck. The Echo-Matic is really just a series of mixers with an effects loop you can wrap around a tape deck to generate repeating echoes.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, I picked up a Strymon Deco based on many glowing reviews from here and all over the internet, and it quickly became my favorite. Really just the best sounding repeats I've heard in a delay, it became my always-on slapback.

It disappointed me that you couldn't get multiple repeats out of it (yes I know about bounce mode, I want more than two, gently trailing off into the aether), which is a feature that pretty much all delays have had since, like, forever.

It took me two whole weeks to figure out that I could use the Deco as the tape deck with my Echo-Matic instead of the old Marantz cassette player I have. After digging in the closet for RCA-quarter-inch adapters, I got it up and running last night.

What's happening here is the Deco in wide-stereo mode, so that it outputs 100% wet on the left channel. The Echo-Matic takes the guitar input, mixes it with the wet signal from the Deco, and feeds it into the Deco's input. This way, you take one repeat, feed it back into the Deco for another repeat, feed it back in, and so on. Then you mix those repeats with the dry signal, and you have multiple delays. This is how all delay pedals work.

It took a little bit to work out some kinks, but I'm pretty happy with it now. Here are a few demo videos I recorded this morning:

Demo 1 - multiple repeats

Demo 2 - wobble and saturation

Demo 3 - with tremolo

Demo 4 - wacky oscillation sounds

Happy Sunday and GO PATS!

Edit: yes it also does crazy things in Flanger mode now too


The Patriots seem to have mastered multiple repeats. TB12 GOAT.


Beautiful work, Otter. Thanks for this.

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