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Monel strings?


Just came across a set of Pyramid strings called "Monel Classics" with a round core, can anyone tell me anything about these? Never heard of it but apparently its a unique alloy somewhere between pure nickel and nickel plated, and apparently lasts a really long time, at least according to Pyramid. Saw a set for $8.99 online and might try them out


I'm pretty sure Giffenf has used them on certain guitars. From what I understand they're sort of a 'lo-fi' string, maybe almost a bit dead sounding compared to brighter strings?


I've tried them. Nothing lo-fi or dead sounding about them whatsoever.

They're similar to the pure nickel pyramids, but a little brighter - though still not as bright as a typical nickel-plated steel string.

Martin's acoustics "retro" strings are monel wound too, and I love those on both of my acoustic guitars.

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