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Monel strings?


Just came across a set of Pyramid strings called "Monel Classics" with a round core, can anyone tell me anything about these? Never heard of it but apparently its a unique alloy somewhere between pure nickel and nickel plated, and apparently lasts a really long time, at least according to Pyramid. Saw a set for $8.99 online and might try them out


I'm pretty sure Giffenf has used them on certain guitars. From what I understand they're sort of a 'lo-fi' string, maybe almost a bit dead sounding compared to brighter strings?


I've tried them. Nothing lo-fi or dead sounding about them whatsoever.

They're similar to the pure nickel pyramids, but a little brighter - though still not as bright as a typical nickel-plated steel string.

Martin's acoustics "retro" strings are monel wound too, and I love those on both of my acoustic guitars.


Yes, I do use them, what I like about the monel strings is that while they sound fine on acoustic guitars, they drive magnetic pickups, too. So my Chinese "Gumby" (named after the headstock shape) archtop with the Duncan Mag Mic pickup sounds great unplugged or plugged in, and I went so far as to put them on my ES-150 and two Eastmans to maximize jazziness. The thing about monel is, they were the first strings used on the first electric guitars by guys like Charlie Christian (according to research done by Jonathan Stout), and if you've got a guitar you'll be playing both acoustically or plugged in with a magnetic pickup, they're ideal. Try a set, they don't cost much (maybe the Pyramids or Thomastiks do, but not the Martins).


Couldn't find a picture of Gumby's headstock, but here's what the rest of the guitar looks like.


How are they with overdrive or through a cranked amp?


They're really not all that exotic or different from regular nickel plated steel strings - a little less bright, and they have a different feel. They do just fine through a cranked amp.

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